Day 8- the fog hits

Cleaning the lounge yesterday I came across my big vase, where I’d kept corks of special bottles in. I was under the assumption I’d do something arty with it at one point. They’ve sat in the corner all week taunting me, “look how much money you’ve wasted”, “bet you can’t recall one night from these special corks”. I can actually but that’s not the point. I get a bin bag to start emptying them into the bag and one catches my eye. In biro (because I’m a classy mummy) I’ve written “I quit”. I don’t remember writing it, it was half way into the pile. I do however believe this is a sign and it gives me the shivers. It also shows I’ve been aware my drinking has been out of control for a while.

We have a lovely walk round the lake and field by our home. There were tons of butterflies dancing over the wildflowers and my beautiful baby loved watching them. Came home and cut the lawn to keep busy, then cut my neighbours too. She’s a lovely lady suffering with depression so it felt good to help in a small way. She waved from the window and mouthed thank you, which made me feel warm and fluffy inside.

Went to bed at 8pm after surviving my first sober roast in a long time. The cravings were back. Was really surprised with how tired I felt so dropped off pretty quick and slept through. Didn’t suffer from the knot of anxiety like I normally would when my step daughter is due.

Waking up clear headed on a Monday and actively playing with beautiful baby, instead of trying to cram caffeine into my body was lovely. We had a socially distanced play date in the park and then it hit. I can only describe it as extreme fatigue, a fog, when your legs feel like all the energy is being sucked out of them. Managed to get us home and napped in beautiful baby’s nap. Woke up and still no better. Has anyone else felt like this? Does it get better? How long does it last? Starting Jason Vales book with a bar of chocolate tonight. Has anyone got any other recommendations? Hope everyone else is having a relaxing evening

JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

5 thoughts on “Day 8- the fog hits

    1. Thanks, it’s so weird one minute I’m elated and on such a high, the next I’m exhausted and want to curl up and hide. I’m reading Jason Vale at the moment but will definitely check out Claire Pooley. Thank you for reaching out x

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  1. You’re doing great🤗
    It does get easier.
    Self care and sober treats get you through. I have heap of suggestions of this on my blog under Sober Treats tab.
    Think about making a list of your own.


      1. ‘Mrs D is going without’ by Lotta Dann is a good sober memoir to read. She talks of sober treats and got me onto them.
        I ate a tonne of licorice getting sober. Weaned myself off licorice mostly now. But still love chocolate coated licorice bullets.
        The sober blog community is just so supportive. You have done the hardest part already, acting on the decision to stop drinking.


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