Day 9 – foggy with some sunny spells

Another early night last night taking Jason Vale to bed with me (the book, although girl can dream).

Woke up feeling refreshed, one of the things I’m really enjoying about being AF is sleeping so well. Pop out with beautiful baby (bb) to try and get them used to the big outdoors since they’ve spent half their life in lock down.
Come back and I’m putting her down for her nap as my neighbour I cut the grass for on Sunday knocks on the door.

She thanks me for cutting her grass and produced a bottle of wine to say thank you for doing it. I want to say no, but I also know she suffers with mental health and I really don’t want to turn her thoughtful gesture down.

I have a moment of torment.

Then smile and thank her for her gift. She smiles back and says “no problem, I remembered you liked wine”. I feel my cheeks streak with shame/embarassment when I remember she’d kindly put our recycling out last year. I sort of smile and nod my thanks at her.

I feel as if life is sending me these little signs. First the cork and now this. I give hubster the wine and ask him to put it in the loft as I’m scared of the loft.

I head out during my BB nap time to the ring shop where our wedding rings are being made. To fill you in, we got married last year after unexpectedly winning our wedding. We were blown away by this as the whole thing was paid for apart from my dress, the hubsters suit and then hair and makeup.

Whilst we completely didnt expect to win (I filled out the entry whilst sitting on the toilet), the venue completely didnt expect me to be 8 months pregnant. Nor did I to be fair, we found out I was expecting a few days after winning.

In the rush to get married, find a dress for a “glowing” pregnant woman, organise accommodation for our guests in a beautiful part of the country, we didnt bother with rings. My hands were super fat so we just got a cheap band each with the plan to get them made later.

So fast forward July 2020 and I’m visiting the ring shop for the 4th time because frustratingly they keep making my wedding band the wrong size. I was determined to use an independent by us, due to businesses struggling during COVID so reached out to a local ring maker. She is absolutely lovely but completely scatty. And in my humble opinion unbelievably talented.

So I’m here for the 3rd try on, after going Saturday and Friday the week before. Frustratingly the band is now too small. I take a deep breath. Smile, stay whilst she gets it sorted ready for the next stage and thank her. I also buy some cards and a wild flower bomb for the step daughters stocking at Xmas.

Get home and she’s charged me £57.00 for the 4 cards and flower bomb which I do not have. More deep breaths and tears to hubster (who really should be sainted).

Any how it’s now past 5pm, the magic wine o’clock. I’m going to stay strong, read some tips on how to treat myself (thanks for the ideas all- I might raid the cheese in the fridge) and if in doubt go to bed with Jason Vale.

Have a lovely evening all

JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

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