Day 13 Deep Breaths

It’s the first friday where I havent hurried the bed time routine so I can have that first and (second glass of vino).

Together, my step daughter and I bring all of her teddies down stairs and make a den to watch frozen 2. It’s just the two of us this evening as hubster is working late on a project and beautiful baby is tucked up in bed. Tonight I let her stay up for the whole film instead of hurrying her to bed at 7pm like I normally would. She really cuddles into me with about 100 teddies and I feel overwhelmed with well I’m not sure how to articulate… happiness? Gratitude? Whatever this feeling is it feels nice. At bed time she asks me to put her to bed and she wants to chat about summer camp.

Summer camp is her new obsession after seeing photos of me working as a life guard in America many moons ago. A whole summer in the sunshine, sleeping over with friends, playing in woods and marshmallows over camp fires. What’s there not to like? It was also an alcohol free zone. I talk about the bed time routine with the campers we used to do each night.

One of my favourite was devotions where you would say 3 things you were grateful for that happened that day. She asks me to list mine.

Mine were:
Having a delicious tea all together as a family.
Spending time with Beautiful baby, helping them attempt to walk.
And watching a film altogether this evening.

I ask her what her devotions are. They were:
Having a good day at summer club
Making a new friend at summer club
And cuddling on the sofa watching a film.

Normally we wouldn’t have cuddled. We both would’ve missed out on this moment.

Today I took both children to the lavender fields in the Cotswolds. I’m tired because the hubster didn’t get to bed late due to that work project. I grumble this morning whilst packing up the car and then realise how much worse the tiredness would be with a hangover.

The fields are glorious. Breathing in the air instantly relaxes me and seeing the kids get on so well warms my heart. This is without a doubt the most relaxed I’ve been since giving up drink. I sit with the sun on my face, breathing in lungfuls of the heavenly scent, zoning out whilst the kids play together. This is bliss. I wish I could bottle this moment, this feeling.

We eat out picnic, well beautiful baby (bb) smears most of theirs and then walk around, playing in the lavender and taking photos. I treat them to an ice cream and my step daughter and I laugh when BB has their first taste.

As we’re leaving we check out the gift shop to see if I can get some hand cream for my nan. I can. And get this they bottle the scent. Well lavender pillow spray.

I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight and thinking of today’s devotions. One would definitely be that moment in the fields.

What would be yours today?

Love JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

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