Day 14 – Boob clap and brunch

The lavender really knocked me out yesterday and we had a rather wild Saturday night going to bed at 8:30pm. Lucky for me that we did, as Beautiful Baby (bb) woke me up at 3:30am demanding attention. Normally I’d have woken up fairly groggy to deal with them or kicked hubster out of bed to do it. But this morning I got up, was awake immediately and then got up again at 6am for the first feed. The benefit of this was the hubster was so grateful as it was his turn, he gave me a lie in and cleaned the bathroom.

Went for brunch this morning with a friend I’d normally go out drinking with. I suggested a local independent which hasn’t got a license but does gorgeous seasonal food. It was lovely. The food was fab and we really chatted. Not just about superficial stuff but deep stuff too. Walking back to the car (another bonus no taxis), she exclaimed what a lovely morning she had and how we should do brunch more often. The warm fuzzy feeling came back inside.

This early afternoon I attempted to pack for our first holiday away with the baby. Now I’m rubbish at packing, I’m known for it. At my best friends hen do I actually forgot all my bottoms and had to make do in a pair of jean’s the whole weekend. I think this is because I normally have a hang over and have a glass or two of wine half way through. Then of course a bottle after to “cope” with the stress. The hubster tentatively asks whether he should pack, but you know what? I’m determined to do this. So after an hour of checking, double checking and crossing my fingers I think we’re done.

Bet I’ve forgotten something.

After the crystal maze task of packing, I now have to take my step daughter horse riding. The local stables have started doing lessons as long as there is a competent adult to lead the rider. I’ve rode for years and love sharing this experience with her. My dream one day is for us to do a horse riding holiday when she’s older. The only thing I’m not looking forward to today is my step daughters mother is coming to watch her for the first time and to do the hand over.

Now I actually don’t mind my hubsters ex wife. They broke up way before I was ever on the scene and she’s always been great with not only me but my relationship with her daughter. For that I can’t fault her. She has always been kind with BB and was the only one who brought me bath salts after giving birth. And let’s face it. You need bath salts.

The only thing I hate is she’s so glamorous. She has this high flying career, is always impeccably dressed, tall, slim and always seems to have it all together. Where as I’m a short, rather fat (still haven’t lost the 3 stone baby weight), stay at home mum who’s boobs clap when I run.

Which they definitely will when I’m running, red faced along side the horse this afternoon, whilst she sits in Barbour, sipping a costa watching the lesson.

So here I am sat on the bed after frantically searching for a sports bra (no luck) once again wistfully dreaming about wine. Or being tall and slim. Or not forgetting important holiday stuff.

Wish me luck. And if you see a woman being dragged by a horse whilst her boobs give her a round of applause give her a wave. But definitely not a drink

Happy Sunday

JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

4 thoughts on “Day 14 – Boob clap and brunch

  1. Ha ha you will be great! I bet she has her own issues and looks at you thinking she could be like you in other ways, don’t think about it…and that baby weight would never go with wine as a chaser…give it a few months of no wine and you will look and feel amazing if you don’t already!

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    1. Thanks so much. Its rubbish isnt it comparing, just can’t help it. I don’t know about you, but I feel drinking has also massively knocked my self confidence too? I’m looking forward to hopefully finding it again (whilst losing some lbs). Just need to stop putting sugary treats in my mouth. Have swapped one for another xx

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