Day 15 – the M6 is a cruel mistress

Firstly thank you for everyone who has taken the time to reach out. Whether it be reading the blog, liking posts or/and offering words of help/support. I am so grateful to find a little community trying their best to improve themselves. One day at a time.

Secondly, I survived the step daughters horse riding. Her mum as always was gracious, stylish and slim and I think I only heard my boobs do one round of applause whilst trying to lead rein my SD horse for the hour.

Today has tried me. Like really tried me. I was so surprised and happy I’d made it to 14 days I pretty much skipped to bed yesterday (only to be woken by twat cat several times in the night).

Woke up fresh headed for our staycation and had to return only once to the house to grab Ewen the sleep sheep, beautiful baby can’t sleep with out.

Up to the lakes we go and I’m fizzling with excitement. Our first holiday the 3 of us as the SD is away with her mum.

Hit the M6 by Walsall and that’s where it starts to go wrong. If you haven’t ever had the pleasure, the M6 is a cruel mistress (whenever I see bad traffic I always think of Nessa saying this line in Gavin and Stacey). Unfortunately there’s been a big accident (poor people involved) and the motorway is closed for 3 hours.

So a 4 hour journey, takes 6.5 hours. BB handles it like a pro, however, due to the rain, knobbish drivers and a ton of traffic my feet are tapping like I’m auditioning for river dance. Whilst my hubster who’s driving gets calf cramp.

We finally get to our little cottage and it’s perfect. The owners also own a local pub and a brewery (what are the chances) and are quick to inform us we get a generous 15% discount for any food or drink. The hubster is eyeing up some cloudy rhubarb cider on the menu they’ve helpfully left in the cottage.

I bundle up BB and under the pretence of fresh air, hot foot it to the local store. They dont have any becks blue but they do have tonic water which I buy 2 bottles of. Get back and hubster is also playing the pretending game and moaning that his calf is hurting too much to unpack. To keep busy (and get sainted later), I unpack the car, set up the travel cot, sort the bottles and bath and bathe BB, putting her to bed.

And you know what? I feel like superwoman.

A superwoman who has a very dramatic husband.

Whilst holding on to this feeling, I grab my running gear, hand over the baby monitor and stride out to run along the lake.

Its glorious. Everything flows, the wind in my face is perfect, the sun reflects on the lake. I’m so grateful to be in this moment.

I feel so alive.

Happy Monday everyone

Love JS xx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

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