Day 25 – Rings and things

“Do you want a gin and tonic”, “no thanks”. “Come on have a glass of fizz”, “no thanks I’m going 100 days sober”.

After explaining it a million times to my family, what is it they don’t get? My mum moved into her new home today and my sisters, my step daughter and I went over to celebrate. The plan was to have fish and chips, but the first thing unpacked of course was the gin collection and the fizz with plastic glasses.

Even though I’m driving, have my step daughter, and have repeatedly explained I’m doing 100 days sober, the drinks are pushed onto me. It makes me realise how ingrained drinking is in our culture. Celebrate- let’s have a drink, bad day- you definitely deserve a glass if wine. I never noticed before, it really riles me.

I picked up my rings finally today. When we won our wedding, we couldn’t afford wedding rings so we decided to get them at a later date. I designed them with a lovely lady with her own shop and then everything got put on hold because of lock down. They’re beautiful and I feel like a real grown up wearing them.

So it’s been a mixed bag today. I’m typing this with a forced grin whilst saying no to the 3rd offer of g&t.

How’s everyone elses day been? Did you guys notice alcohol more when you weren’t drinking it or is it pushed on us more?

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6 thoughts on “Day 25 – Rings and things

  1. I finally told my sister about my sober plan and she was surprised at first but then supportive. I don’t think she’d be rude enough to push drinks. I do know how this feels though from being a vegetarian…. I have been for like a decade and family are STILL like “but you don’t even eat chicken?” “not even on Easter?” “not even a little bit?” “awww, you’re missing out!” It’s so annoying! But different, because it is not an effort for me to stay away from meat!


  2. Yep, you are so tuned into it at first and everything about booze annoys you!! That does fade a bit though and people stop going on about it all so much. I always arrive armed with my own drinks so I have one on the go before anyone can offer me anything. I got so fed up with people asking me why is do something so stupid. Grrrr 😖


  3. I will be honest…my mom offers me drinks still. It is unpleasant and it has shown me some people can never see past themselves, even people who love you.
    Just keep saying no. If they offered you some food you hate you would do the exact same thing. No thank you, none for me.

    Lovely rings! I do miss wearing my rings. Getting divorced has some odd realities. I sometimes consider buying myself a new ring. Maybe.

    Have a great day!

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    1. Thanks, hope you have a lovely day too Anne.
      Just a thought, have you thought about redesigning your rings? My wedding and eternity band is actually another ring that I repurposed for these 2. Maybe if you missed wearing them you could get some new ones made with the old ones ♡

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