Day 26 – And repeat

This weekend the hubster and the step daughter are away camping. Being alone in the house on a friday would normally mean a bottle of wine for me with some netflixs. I used to actively look forward to these evenings.

I feel stronger this Friday night than the cry for help 3 weeks ago. My friend who was originally a bit off when I told her I was trying sobriety popped in for that cuppa and we had a lovely chat. She confessed she was worried about her drinking habits too. Isn’t it amazing when you come out, how people start confiding their concerns about their drinking habits like it’s a dirty little secret. She’s hoping trying for a baby will help reduce her drinking.

As I’ve probably mentioned I’ve been reading the Catherine Grey book and really enjoyed it. It’s not as good as the god that is known as Jason (Vale), but still a nice story with lots of facts thrown in.

Facts like:
Did you know it takes 66 days to bed in a new habit like being sober? Alcohol kills 24 people a day and can cause 8 different cancers. Also even moderate drinking shrinks brain.

I keep repeating this as I sip tonic water 😂

How’s everyone elses Friday evenings?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

8 thoughts on “Day 26 – And repeat

  1. Hi JS, I loved the Catherine Gray book. Wasn’t so keen on Jason Vales’s style of writing and I don’t agree with him that everyone has an addiction to alcohol. I think some people can truly take it or leave it and not be bothered about not having any for weeks or months but then partake with one or two glasses on the odd occasion. Catherine’s story and feelings resonated with me more. My Friday was good. I was tired so enjoyed watching a film and having an early night. Think this keto diet and no sugar is going to wipe me out! Xx

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    1. Glad to hear you had a lovely restful friday. Is it today you start? I’ll be interested in following how you get on with it. I’m starting the sober diaries this evening and excited to read it as so many have recommended xx

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      1. Ooh I loved that one too. 😊
        I started cutting down on the carbs a few days ago but started keto proper yesterday. I weighed myself this morning 🙈🙈 it was not good news but it’s motivated me to do it. I am following a diet where veggies are ok and also that recommends nutrients and vitamins to help with the adjustment your body needs to make. Hopefully it will reduce the ‘keto flu’ aspect! I’ll let you know x


  2. That is great about your friend! One thing I have noticed, through the past year of various stages of contemplating giving up drinking…. is that I am more and more comfortable talking about it with others, articulating my reasons, not feeling shameful. I think there are MANY in the same boat as us and it’s only a matter of time before drinking on the whole goes into decline…. I hope!


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