30 Glorious Days

Who am I kidding?!

These days have been hard. The first 2 weeks, I felt like I had been hit by a truck, with the added benefit of insomnia on some nights. Now thankfully I’m coming out of that but having the most vivid dreams.

In 2 days time it will be the longest I’ve been without alcohol since I was 23, if you dont count pregnancy. I’m so proud of myself and excited for the next 30 days.

So far I’ve noticed my skin is definitely more dewy and brighter with my eczema easing on my face. However this could also be because I’m consistently taking my make up off each night. Instead of falling into bed after a half heart attempt at removing it after 3 or 4 wines.

I’m (slightly) fatter, but in all honesty I’ve turned from being an alcohol enthusiast to a sugar enthusiast which I think is why. I’m already planning on combating that in September.

The tight knot of anxiety is definitely easing and when something bad happens it feels more raw, but doesn’t hang around for as long (so far). I’ve been reading up about the pink clouds and I definitely think I was floating on one in the lakes, everything seemed idyllic. Only to be brought down with a bump the weekend just gone.

I haven’t noticed any money savings yet, but I’ve noticed I’ve changed what I’ve spent my money on. I’ve brought a new face cream which I love and I’m treating myself to getting my hair done Saturday.

Hopefully bye bye crazed scarecrow and hello yummy mummy.

I think because I’ve recently become a stay at home mum as my maternity payments ran out last month, saved money won’t really be a measurable until I start work again.

The biggest benefit so far is the constant chatter in my head about drink is quieter and sometimes non existent. You know the voice which says “have one, you can surely have just one”, “its wednesday/5pm you’re half way through the week/day, wine time” or my personal favourite “you definitely deserve a drink tonight”.

I find telling myself I don’t want one instead of trying to moderate a lot easier. The majority of my mishaps have been on nights where I tried to just moderate (and then ended up offending at least one person, losing either my phone, bag, purse, dignity or all, and in years before the husband getting myself in some questionable situations with guys that would make Daniel Cleaver look like an angel).

I’m enjoy the calmness and the peace it brings.

How was everyone elses first 30 days? I hear it gets harder before it gets better? I find it fascinating that everyone’s journey is different. I know it makes complete sense as we are all different but still, I love hearing and reading about different journeys and paths for different people.

Hope you’re all enjoying Tuesday. The sun is shining here, BB is napping and I’m about to empty another drawer.


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

18 thoughts on “30 Glorious Days

  1. Yay a whole month!!!! I swear I’m gonna get there someday but as of now, that hasn’t happened since I was a teen. If you haven’t read Belle’s Tired of Thinking about Drinking blog it is worth going over her first months, she is similar to us.

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    1. I started reading it, but keep getting distracted by all the other ones on here. I’ll definitely pick it back up again thank you. I only managed it at 23 as was working in a summer camp in the middle of no where, where it was strictly no allowed. How are you getting on?


      1. Alright, thanks. Still very upset by the whole situation and maybe irrationally anxious about hubs being gone for over a week. Feels like the rest of our summer was upended. At least I didn’t drink last night though!

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      2. I bet and that’s a wonderful achievement, bet you felt so good waking up clear headed. Have you got any plans for whilst he’s away. I know you’ve got to isolate, but any films to watch etc


  2. Huge congrats. 30 days is an amazing achievement. No mean feat at all. I think, although journeys are different, we have all gone through similar experiences and emotions in sobriety and find certain times more difficult than others. I also gained weight due to the crazy sugar monster that appears every night but I’m now getting that under control. You can’t do everything!! Keep going. I think the next few months are the best in sobriety!!! Xxx


  3. I think every day is different. Don’t worry about the sugar. At some point you will stop looking for alternative. Maybe after a year. Seriously. Leave it until then. September will have many other issues.

    In the years I have been sober I have gained and lost weight, more than once. I’ve been super fit and more squishy. I have had episodes of severe depression. Sobriety helps me get through these things. Or, at the very least,it doesn’t make them worse!

    Keep going. At AA there are milestones of 6 and 9 months because those can be dicey times. There is a inclination to thwart thinking maybe things are different, or weren’t that bad.

    Just keep noticing the good. That’s where the joy comes.

    Great job!

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      1. This amazing community of sober warriors helped me more than anything else but Anne (Ainsobriety) was one of the major players in my success…. 3 plus years!! She gives great guidance! Congratulations JS, on 30 days!


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