Day 31 – Zest

Tonight I’m testing myself and going out for Peruvian food at this gorgeous little independent by us. I say testing, but the friend I’m going with is the one who offered all the good advice, so I know I’m in safe hands.

I’ve researched ahead and chosen a mocktail so I’m not too tempted by the pisco sours. I also know they do the most delicious chocolate mousse, I’m excited to sample again.

I’m also excited to dress up, wear make up, make an effort. Hubster is putting BB to bed (it’s my turn, we take it in turn every other night).

A mum friend, the one I really like who’s baby is laid back like BB has asked if I’d like to go on a weekend away together. I would love to go and I’m keen to nuture the friendship as due to Covid I haven’t made many mum friends. Well apart from an NCT group who’ve taught their babies Spainish and baby sign language during lock down, whilst BB still nibbles on their toes. I think I’ve got a faulty/missing competitive mum gene somewhere.

Anyway, when discussing options she said we could either go somewhere with a few bars or find somewhere in the country with a bottle of gin.

32 days ago, this would have been an ideal weekend for me. It’s amazing how much my mindset has changed, I dont even want to do that. I came back with I’m helping my friend cut back on her drinking so not drinking until Xmas to support her. Obviously my friend is me (some might say my inner friend 😂). I’ve suggested a spa weekend, day hiking or a day away at an Xmas market etc. I just hope she’s not put off by a tee total weekend.

I’ve also been thinking about getting out of my comfort zone a little bit and trying new things. Before I met my hubster, I used to be so much more adventurous, active and curious about life. I’d travelled a little bit, spent 3 amazing summers doing the camp america thing and was always up for new experiences.

Some how that zest has slowly got smaller.

Maybe to make room for motherhood or perhaps (and I think this is the one) because I was always so hungover the last couple of years I couldn’t be bothered.

I can feel that zest creeping back and it excites me. Now I’ve got to chose an activity to bring it to life.

Any ideas are welcome? Did anyone else feel the same way too, like they’ve been sleep walking a bit?

Hope everyones having a great Wednesday and staying strong.



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

11 thoughts on “Day 31 – Zest

  1. Wonderful! That was a great response (I have a friend) to avoid the temptation, JS…. I struggled with that for a long time. Hopefully she won’t be put off but if she is, just know that everything changes with sobriety. Spa weekend sounds marvelous. Just stay strong—life gets better and better without alcohol (not without a few bumps) but at 3 years, I have to keep pinching myself because of all the ways I’ve grown……and how excited to get up each morning I am. I’m in awe of it all.💜

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    1. It’s so hard isn’t it? I’m just not ready to be completely honest with people, it’s almost like I’m slightly ashamed. And I’m worried of telling someone and they try and convince me to have one when I’m weak at the moment. So waiting until I’m stronger. Can’t wait to be 3 years in but also excited for the journey to get there.

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  2. Hi LSAW!
    Just found your blog!
    Yes, it was hard at first! And in fact it was a drinking buddy that made it easier to relapse. After I finally got sober this time, I had to put on big boundaries for myself, and only meet her at coffee shops. My sobriety had to come first.

    Later, it gets much easier!
    Finding new interests is wonderful! Hard during COVID for sure.
    Well done on your journey! I’ve never regretted being sober, but I HAVE regretted many drinking times!

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    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks so much for reaching out and commenting. I’m finding it so informative how everyone coped and what sorts of different activities they did with their friends. I think coffee is a great one.

      What a great phrase re the regret, I think I’m going to write it down and stick it on my fridge thank you xxx

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  3. Zest is a great word for it. Yes! That sounds familiar to me. Good job with your new friend. It is so hard knowing what to tell people. I hope you will feel comfortable enough one day to tell her it is you. Until then, whatever works!!! The options you gave all sound very enticing to me. 😁 I love Peruvian food. I still don’t feel safe where I live to go out to eat yet, so I’m green with envy. Enjoy your mock tail and have a great time! 🤗


    1. I’m the same. The friend I’m going with has diabetes so we’re being extra careful. We’ve checked trip advisor and it’s been commented on how good the measures are that they’ve put in place so fingers crossed. I’ll have some causa for you 😉🤤

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  4. Have a lovely time out. Good idea to plan ahead on the drinks. I found telling people about sobriety tricky but once I did they all accepted it fairly quickly. A few weeks of ‘explaining myself’ but now no one really comments or questions it. I did do a post about people’s reactions … the alcohol police. I found it fascinating how people feel about others not drinking. Hope you find a fun new hobby xxx


  5. Wonderful!
    That zest for life is awesome. I couldn’t believe how many thing I had put off as being too inconvenient. Planning life around booze is a serious downer!

    I’m exited to see what you get up to!


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