Day 36 – Be more Jack Pearson

Is there ever a character in a book, film or tv series that gets under your skin?

Maybe you watch in horror, hands over eyes as you’d never want to be like that person (for me Eddie in Ab Fab). Or on the flip side a character you really admire.

My character is Jack Pearson, in This Is Us.

I love the fact he is an amazing father and devoted (most the time) husband. He praises his wife at every chance he gets, realises she keeps all the plates spinning and lets her know she is loved even with the tiniest of gestures. A look, a kiss, a brush pass, lying on the landing laughing until their faces hurt.

Like every partnership their marriage was not without their struggles. I admire him for admitting his flaws, facing his alcohol addiction head on, making him a stronger person for his resolve to beat the addiction. To prevent it from ruining his family, his home, his safe place.

I love watching the way he converses with each son and daughter, changing his approach, really (and I mean really) listening to their dreams, aspirations and fears. Making them all feel important and included. Approaching every situation with a little humour and a lot of love. His pride in his family.

I think everyone could be a little bit more like Jack Pearson. I know I certainly could be.

Today I got stressed so many times. Packing for BB as my step daughter got under my feet. Going to sainsburys and buying everything apart from what we came for. Trying to help my mum set up her bills for her new home.

When I got to each situation, I took a deep breath and instead of asking what would Jesus do, I decided to ask myself what would Jack Pearson do?

I tried to make packing into a game.

When realising I’d forgotten a key item of shopping instead of screaming “whhhhyyy” internally inside, I packed everyone in to the car hubby included.

We then went to a shop next to a sunflower field. Afterwards we walked through the field and it turned into a fun photo shoot. We ended up getting some lovely photos of the children and a great one of us.

Being more “Jack” created this opportunity and I’m so grateful for it.

So next time I’m stressed (probably 6am tomorrow when packing the kids in the car for our hols), I’m going to ask myself what would Jack do? I know for certain he wouldn’t reach for the bottle.

Happy Monday all. Who’s your character?


JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

4 thoughts on “Day 36 – Be more Jack Pearson

  1. Love love love This is Us. Iā€™m only on the second series and I watched 2 episodes tonight. Jack is so wonderful, but I love all the characters in it. Sorry you were stressed and well done for not reaching for the booze. Each time you deny that wine witch what she wants her voice gets smaller and quieter. Xx

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  2. I really enjoyed This is Us for a little while and then his wife began to annoy me. Maybe my frame of mind at the time. I think I’ll give it another go! Jack and Randall are my faves as well.


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