37 Days – Road Trip

We’ve safely made it to Devon and I’ve attempted to be more Jack pearson where possible.

The step daughter has really tested my patience and I’ve managed to make a joke out of it and taken her and my friends daughter for ice cream whilst hubster stayed behind with BBs nap. My friend has also noticed her bad attitude towards me when the hubby isn’t around and I’m just so glad I’m not going mad.

My friend offered me a gin and tonic and I’ve turned it down for a cloudy lemonade. When turning it down, I explained the 100 days alcohol free. And that was that, no questions, no justifying their own drinking, just a quiet acceptance. It was glorious.

The questions only started when my shit bag of my husband outted my blog. I’d told him about it when I started so he would understand why I was suddenly on my phone so much. He knows I try and keep it as anonymous as possible and we have an agreement he doesnt read it. He was also sworn to absolute secrecy.

Anyway he outted I was blogging and for some reason I was mortified. Although I’m an open book here, it feels too raw to share it with people I know.

Im curious, has anyone else shared with anyone their blog?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

8 thoughts on “37 Days – Road Trip

  1. I am anonymous on here. People do know I blog but they don’t know on which platform or my name. I couldn’t be as open with sharing if I wasn’t anonymous and my friends and family could read it. It does cause some issues with my husband though. Xxx


  2. I am not anonymous. I have no real links to my blog, but my name and pictures are real.
    I tell people about it I trust, or who I am inspired to tell.
    I do not want my mom to read it.

    I’m sorry you are struggling with your step daughter. My small view of step families if that this is very common and often gets worse. Your husband has a lifelong tie to this child, emotionally and financially. She is there to stay. Some day she might choose to live with you.

    Maybe find a step parent who you trust and get some advice. Drinking will absolutely not help. I can guarantee it.

    Enjoy your trip. Try to be easygoing jack. You deserve to have fun too.



    1. Thanks so much Anne, I’m definitely trying 😂.
      I think she’s just going through a stage all kids go through and because shes not my biological it’s slightly harder. My friend who’s a step parent struggles too.
      Love how open you are about your blog, that’s the aim one day ♡


  3. I prefer to be anonymous for now, and I would be very upset if anyone outed me. That said, there’s nothing shameful about stopping drinking! I’m guess your husband didn’t realize how serious you were about your privacy here. I hope he knows now. And I hope things improve with your stepdaughter soon. I think button pushing is a natural stage for a lot of 7-year-olds. Doesn’t make it fun, though!


    1. Thanks, I think so. She’s just trying to work the world and it isnt as cute when they’re not your own. Normally we have a fab relationship and only the day before were getting on great.
      And he certainly realises now 😂 Xx

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  4. I too am sorry to hear about your step daughter.
    I started out anonymously, and about a year later was outed accidentally by another sober site on FB. Was mortified at first.
    But it was ok. Now I am open about it.

    The thing I don’t like about being open, is I can’t post some private feelings about family situations, because my family reads it.

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    1. Oh no that must’ve been awful. And yes I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I’m worried the hubster find my page and be mad for what I’ve posted. But then it feels good to let it out to people who don’t know us and (hopefully) won’t judge.


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