Day 40 – finding my path

It’s our last day in Devon and I’ve finally finished the sober diaries. I don’t know which one I’m most sad about tbh.

We did the normal kids activities (rock pool examining, crab fishing, glitter painting). Then my lovely friend and I decided to head on down to Croyde beach as we’d heard it was beautiful.

We clambered over the rocks (there’s a photo of me on my hands and knees, almost downward dogging), played like children in the surf and then cosied on down in the sand dunes with a flask of tea.

Once again we had another deep and meaningful. On reflection I don’t think we’ve chatted like this since we were wistful 16 year olds (ironically just before we properly discovered alcohol). We spoke about our next steps in life, whether we would have another child (we’re both 50/50) and what 16 year old us would think of 36 year old us (probably horrified about our dubious dress sense and waist lines).

I think whatever happens on the next stage of our paths, I am extremely thankful to have my friend in my life. We’ve worked in different countries (separately), grown up, moved out, got married, brought houses and had children and always she’s been there quietly in the background. A steady constant. It makes me slightly sad I’ve not got a friend like this back home.

Day 41 tomorrow and I’m nervous for the post holiday blues but excited for the next few steps in this sober journey. Hope you’re all doing well where ever you are. I love hearing about everyones different paths and fascinated by everyones next steps.



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

12 thoughts on “Day 40 – finding my path

  1. Friendships like that are amazing and harder to develop as we get older – I have realized, it’s partly because there is not really a time in adult life designed to just “hang” for open ended periods of time as we would in high school or college. Except if you are a stay at home mom – take advantage of it!

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      1. There are so many moms who struggle with this. You could try organizing a community thing while the weather is still nice. I ran a FB page for awhile called “Playground Connection” where people could post if they were heading to a certain park so others could meet up. I got so bored alone with my kids. My philosophy is “You go play with other kids, I sit on bench and talk to adults.”

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  2. So special to have that kind of close friendship. I have that with my cousin’s wife but they live over in North Carolina. I see her once a year but our trip was cancelled this year (obvs) and I am missing our time together. It’s to be cherished for sure. X

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    1. I some times think the distance makes it more special too. As everything pauses whilst you catch up, then normal life resumes after. Sorry you haven’t been able to see them, must be hard. I’ve heard north Carolina is beautiful too x

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  3. I’ve just come back from Cornwall. My first holiday without alcohol and part of me is surprised I didn’t think about having alcohol and the other is proud of myself for being sober and getting through it. It really wasn’t hard, I loved it! You’re doing amazing 💕

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      1. You know what I never thought of that. I think you’re right, being abroad may have been a different challenge 💕


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