Day 42 – Sober Sisters

Day 42 – 6 weeks sober, bring out the trumpets.

I lake swam again this morning and really enjoyed the scenery, the light reflecting off the water and the chill of the water on my body. One of the coaches asked whether I was going to put my head under or use goggles. I quite happily told him I was here for the scenery as competitive swimmers in training flew past.

I have 2 sisters and they’re twins. Even though they’re twins they are complete opposites. One sister is tall slim, inheriting my mums genes. She really applies herself, is quite reserved, takes life extremely seriously and is hugely successful in everything she does.

My other sister, has inherited my dads genes like me. Short, portly, always socialising drink in hand (she always tells everyone it’s the Irish inside of us). For a while we’ve had sneaking suspicions as a family that her girlfriend has a drink problem. Her twin has tried to approach the subject but is always cut off.

I’d managed to convince this twin to try lake swimming with me and she’d managed to get a spot this morning at the same time. She turned up at 6:30am and her skin was really clear and she looked fresh. I asked her if she’d been out last night.

WELL, imagine my surprise when she told me she’d quit drinking too. We compared notes and she’s just a day behind me. When I asked her why she had decided to stop drinking, she said she was noticing after a big session she was getting more and more depressed. It originally started as a day, then after the last binge it lasted a whole week. She told me she’d be in bed feeling worthless and crying. I didn’t have any idea, she always seemed so up beat and happy I can’t imagine it.

I searched back thinking of when I’d seen her last, it was at mums moving in celebration a week or so ago. I was so wrapped up in me not drinking and what people would think, I didn’t even notice my sister not drinking. Just shows you, most the time people don’t notice as much as you think they do.

We did the swim and she loved it too. She’s on the waiting list for next week to swim again with me. On the way back we talked out our dads liver cancer and how he was a big drinker too. She was really close to him when he passed but I hadn’t seen him since I was about 10. I shared how I’d been reading up on alcohol and how its linked to 8 different cancers, one being your liver.

We also talked about what “made” an alcoholic or at least someone in the murky grey area of drinking as every seems to have different trigger points. Mine is being unable to stop at one drink regularly (got that from Jason) and that my hubsters trigger was doing it for the feeling not for the taste. Hers was when the effects out weigh the pleasure, what comes up must come down. We both admitted we struggled with all 3 and she expressed concerns about her girlfriend, not knowing what to do.

I’d be interested to know what’s yours?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

24 thoughts on “Day 42 – Sober Sisters

  1. That all sounds familiar. How great for your sister and you be able to share about this. I think maybe the biggest is that 5 pm yearning- go get wine, go get wine!- that used to happen every day and could not be ignored (and then the “get more!” that would happen if I tried to limit it even though what I had should have been enough). Eeeck!

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  2. Big congrats on 6 weeks … that’s amazing. One of my big triggers is boredom. When I just don’t know what to do with myself and I can’t get motivated … I really want to drink then. To relax and pass the time pleasantly. I’m a little bored and lonely at the moment so I am battling the ‘calls’ for wine daily. Great that you and your sister can share this. How funny you hadn’t noticed 😂😂

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  3. Boredom, anxiety, not wanting to feel what’s there…’s raining, it’s Friday, it’s sunny, it’s Monday….anything is a trigger for this one. Congratulations!! Keep going…

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  4. Happy 6 weeks!
    I’m so glad your sister stopped, too!
    I started drinking at social times, just normal amounts, but slowly found it helped with social anxiety, and a stress reliever. Of course it made more of that! Lol
    And my depression is way more manageable now that I don’t drink.


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