Day 43 – tidy house, tidy mind

Day 43 and I’ve noticed lots more energy today which is really positive. But it might just be we were so tired from a holiday with kids we’ve been in bed each night at 8:30.

I’ve once again taken the plunge and signed up to a local swim squad with training at 6am on Tuesday or Wednesdays. I might be slightly mad, but I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed swimming, the last 2 Sundays have relit a spark in me. So 6am this Wednesday you’ll find me poolside. I’ll obviously write about it. Better shave the forest growing on my legs.

With the extra energy I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning binge this morning. Nothing to rival Mrs Hinch, although I’m a sucker for a new anti bacterial spray.

Normally on BBs 10am nap, I hunker down with a biscuit or 2 and a cuppa. Today I’ve vacuumed and mopped all of downstairs (our home is tiny so not that impressive) and wiped down loads of surfaces. Which is positive really as tidy house, tidy mind apparently. It also worked as a distraction as….

Once a year from mid August to just before Xmas my husband and I do no dairy and no refined sugar. It started off as a bet that we couldn’t do it and has developed over time into a yearly thing. Normally the benefits are weight loss, reduced stomach issues for me (I love dairy but my body isnt a fan), better skin and less cravings. Normally I’ve noticed I drink more in this period, so I’m excited to see how this works out. My sobriety is the most important part, so I’d rather break with a chocolate bar than a glass of something.

After reading everyones triggers yesterday, I realised Autumn and Winter to be one of mine. I love a glass of red with the fire on under the blanket, hot mulled wine on the lead up to Christmas, fizz at festive parties. Part of me is being a bit scrooge like and hoping for a local lock down to make the first winter a little bit easier. So far I’ve brought my favourite herbal tea and I’ve googled spiced mulled apple juice to have at Christmas. I had some in Michigan one Winter and absolutely loved it.

So that’s me today, sorry for the long ramble of a post. How are you? Hope you are all having good Mondays.


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

16 thoughts on “Day 43 – tidy house, tidy mind

  1. Yes, I understand this.
    I know my first year, the holidays were hard. I made sure I had a plan to leave early, bring my favorite fun non alcoholic drinks. My friends were super supportive, but I had to leave early as they drank a lot, and I was getting tired of seeing all the wine bottles out.

    Now, I notice most of them don’t drink very much!


    1. Leaving early is a good idea too. I’ve got different groups of friends, some hardly drink and some are the same with all the bottles. So glad they were super supportive makes it so much easier xx


  2. Look at you signing up for swim!! Go you πŸ‘πŸ‘
    I gave up booze mid November last year and people thought I was crazy … so many social events to navigate. It was actually ok and although by new year I’d had enough of socialising it strangely made January a lovely month because I knew if I could do Xmas and new year I could do anything xxx

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    1. November must’ve been so hard at the time? I bet it gave you the confidence to know you could go the whole distance.
      I’ve been really fancying a glass of fizz tonight as the hubbys out and it made me think of you yesterday. Boredom and feeling a bit not yourself are definitely triggers, how are you feeling today?
      And thanks, I must be mad πŸ˜‚ xxx

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      1. Better day today. Still ansty and irritable at times but an improvement. We are away in the New Forrest in our caravan and had a good few hrs out on the bikes which I enjoyed. The sun shine for most of the day and I even fell asleep on my luxury reclining chair. I just need to be able to turn my brain off at times. Such a worrier. Xxx


      2. I get that feeling… I think they call it monkey brain? Hate that pit in your stomach. Luxury reclining chair sounds amazing and the bike ride. Bet it was lovely in the sunshine. Cant beat a bit of outdoors on one of those days though. So glad it’s a better day for you xxx

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  3. Oooo no dairy no sugar that is a challenge! How many years have you done it? My hubs eats cheese like…. omg let’s just say there are regularly like 20 different types in our fridge. I can’t even think about x-mas this year…. no idea what it’ll look like as far as seeing our families, Covid is still rampant here and about to get worse as they’ve let college students move back into dorms, etc.


    1. God I have a love affair with cheese too. About 4 years, after 4ish weeks I always feel so much better for it, it’s just getting through this bit first.
      What state are you based in? We’re extremely close to a Covid hot spot in the UK, well between 2 hot spots really so just waiting to see if they lock us down again. Part of me is hopeful it’s over xmas so I can have BB and the hubby to myself (my SD is already at her mums this year so I’m not being mean).

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      1. We’re in Minnesota. Cases here are steady, not sky rocketing, but also not much lower than they ever were. Yet everything is going back to normal. It’s insane that many grade schools will be virtual, but they are letting college aged students move into dorms…


      2. Yes it’s beautiful in a way. Winters are brutal though I have a hard time even living here my whole life. People make the best of it – you can see bikers out commuting even in 0 degrees F and snow!

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