Day 45 – my achy, breaky, heart

When my alarm went off at 5:15am I wanted to hit it so hard. The wind was still howling outside as I threw on my swimsuit and snuggly clothes and headed out to the car.

The drive took 10 minutes so I awkwardly hung out in the car park until others arrived and congregated around the entrance of the swimming pool. During this time I panicked I was in the right place and turned the head lights off in case anyone thought I was starting a new hobby… dogging.

Due to covid the changing rooms are shut which meant further awkwardness as I got changed by the side of the pool. The coach (who was lovely) came over for a quick introduction and then before I knew it, off we all jumped (socially distanced of course), into the pool. This was all before 6am.

I had to share my lane with another swimmer who was really good and we had to swim in time to the beeps. Every time there was a beep the lead swimmer had to be at the wall ready for the next length. 8 lengths in I peep at the time and already it appears to be standing still. Half way through the coach pulled me over to give me some pointers regarding my breathing and I really appreciated a) the advice and b) the break.
Before I knew it, it was time to get out and it was a glorious feeling. I had to throw my clothes on over my wet swim suit and head to the car. I couldn’t stop smiling all the way home, I really loved the buzz. I was also really proud of myself. I think you get so used to that voice in your head berating yourself that it was nice to hear it being so positive and happy.

My hubster suggested I sign up every Wednesday morning so I’ve decided to sign up for the whole of Sept to see how I get on. I’m already excited about the next session.

This afternoon whilst I was starting to type this post I got a phone call. Reason 502 to stop drinking (or that’s what it feels like), was due to the fact the strain of pregnancy unfortunately gave me a heart condition. I’d read how alcohol can affect heart rate, cause high blood pressure, weaken your heart muscle and cause irregular heartbeat so it seemed like a good idea to quit (understatement of the year).

Luckily my condition isn’t too serious (SVT) but can make me feel pretty poorly when it’s playing up. I’m currently on medication for this and was due to have a procedure in April to correct it then Covid hit.

Today I got the phone call I’d been waiting for. My procedure is scheduled for 7th October a few days before BBs first birthday. Now I’m sh*tting myself nervous but once again I’m so glad I’m not drinking. Normally I’d be already planning my booze binge, stepping on the increasingly speedy hamster wheel of anxiety.

Now I’m pleased to note my focus is on making my body as healthy as possible to help it recover from the procedure. It feels slightly amazing to have this clarity, like a pair of steamed up glasses are being wiped to show a clear vision.

Nearly at day 50 wow.

Hope everyones ok today

Js x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

8 thoughts on “Day 45 – my achy, breaky, heart

  1. I missed this one yesterday somehow. I can relate. I, too, have health conditions that made me deal with the drinking, too. Yes-healthy for the procedure is where you want to be!


  2. I also missed this post … sorry. Stay healthy for the procedure. It will be ok and afterwards you’ll be well on the road to a quick recovery. Well done you for the swimming. You are awesome xx💕


  3. I’m ok for the most part, but I’ve had a lot of surgery in the past. I always feel scared beforehand, and it always turns out ok. It’s ok to be scared! I’m so glad what you have is treatable, though. That’s wonderful!


    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. Oh god… the dictionary describes it as “the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place”. I think people meet in car parks at dark and flash their lights when they are after some sexual activity. Might just be a British thing?


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