Day 55 – Sober September Saturday

I love Autumn, the cool air, the changing of the leaves. I used to also always love Autumn as I used to always seem to do Saturday day drinking. I’d see it as my last hurrah before hibernating until Spring with a cupboard full of red wine.

I mused this in the shower this morning and decided I’d try to keep the good feelings going from yesterday, today although I very nearly blew it.

I decided to make banana pancakes for breakfast and my SD wanted to help. This was great, but some out of town friends were visiting this morning on their way to visit elderly parents and I literally had an hour to feed, clean up breakfast mess, set up the garden and sterlise garden chairs, dress BB and myself.

My SD is the slowest sous chef ever so the 10 minute job of breakfast took 30 minutes. I was trying my hardest to be light and joyful, but the more I tried the more stressed inside I got. When the fire alarm went off it was the final straw.

I told my husband I was close to running off and joining a circus never to be seen again. Luckily with his patience never unwavering, he sat the kids down, fed them their pancakes, set up the garden and told me to take a shower. I thanked him, so grateful for for his patience and gave him the biggest hug.

It was lovely seeing my friends and having a catch up. These are my biggest drinking friends (the ones who live in a cottage where I’m going in October) so it was so nice doing a cuppa and chat instead of downing wine and gin. I actually preferred it.

BB turns one soon (I’m already tearful and wistfully eyeing up newborns) so my SD and I decided to make their little friends birthday cards. BB helpfully lent their feet for us to make shapes out of. We had really good fun deciding what to make and after the task was finished we got some more paper and did some further painting. I could see how much not only she was enjoying it but also my husband. Afterwards he gave me the biggest hug and whispered thank you.

Tonight we ended the day with a family night of Harry Potter and fajitas. No fuzzy head, no empty bottles of wine. Just present and enjoying each other as a family.

My Saturdays in September may have changed but I wouldn’t change them.


JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

8 thoughts on “Day 55 – Sober September Saturday

  1. I love how you are enjoying life so much right now. The time you give to your SD is just wonderful. We have just watched the entire Harry Potter series of films as a family. It was a lovely thing to do. Xxx

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  2. That sounds like a wonderful Saturday! The story about the meal prep and the fire alarm going off made me smile … the circus…those moments! We love Harry Potter around here, too. You’re doing great.


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