Day 57 – Time

I’m finding time strange at the moment. Days seem to be whizzing by at a fast rate, BB is developing more and more and will soon be walking. I’m nearly at 60 days sober. On 21st September I’ll have been married a whole year.

At the same time cravings seem to last forever, interviewing an applicant today seemed to be the longest hour ever (probably for both of us) and the first 10 minutes of my swims/runs seem to last longer than the rest of the 50 minutes. I can’t get my head around it.

Someone once told me that once you have a baby, time goes really slowly due to all the new experiences you experience together. I certainly remember as a kid watching the minutes tick by at school waiting for the bell to go so I could to my best friends for tea. I read somewhere too that the more first times and exposure to new experiences, the slower time seems to go.

So here I seem to be, watching time whizz by but pass slowly whilst trying to hold on to precious moments.

Does anyone else suffer the same?


JS xx (ps the photo is from a quote my dad wrote on a book and gave me when I was a kid).

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

7 thoughts on “Day 57 – Time

  1. It’s so interesting you should say this about time going by slowly when you have a baby: I remember this with my first, I thought those baby days would last forever. With the second they went by so fast!

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  2. There is much more time in the day when you stop drinking. That much I do know. Time absolutely does speed up though as you get older and the year seems to whizz by. It’s a weird one for sure


  3. Of course. Time is strange. Compounded now (for me) that I am getting into the “older mom” years, most of my friends are middle aged, thinking “what have I done with my life, and what will I do with the rest to make it meaningful?” I think some may call this mid life crisis ….

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