Day 58 – Blah

I’ve been really lucky today as my husband gave up his run so I could swim. I’m really enjoying being in the water, getting lost in my thoughts as my body finds its rhythm. It’s definitely me time and I’m going to miss it when I’m at home recovering from the operation next month.

In all honesty today has been a blah day. BB is teething and miserable. I popped to my nans to see my mum and nan and had to bite my tongue repeatedly as mum tried to undermine my parenting again and again. I then of course snap and feel immediately guilty.

I was booked to do 2 hours work which got cut to 30 mins so was annoyed about the loss of revenue.

I’m stressed about Christmas, my family will ignore the covid warnings and all congregate at my aunts house (16 people all in doors). BB, hubby and I will be expected to go and will be cold shouldered for a few months before and after Christmas if we don’t go. My aunt also has naughty dogs who are quite bitey and there’s the worry about putting BB on the floor anywhere near them.

So that’s what’s in my head today. I know I’m really lucky to have a supportive husband, a beautiful baby, food in our fridge, a bed to sleep in, lovely friends and family so feel really ungrateful saying all this. But my god it feels better writing it all down. Any how its 7:30… nearly time for bed 😂

Hope you’re all having less blah days?


JS xx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

12 thoughts on “Day 58 – Blah

  1. I really love my parents but my mum can drive me scatty sometimes and I get so irritated by her. Unreasonably so on occasions. I always end up feeling guilty and bad about it. I find I avoid her now if I’m not in the right mood, which is not very adult of me at all. Bit of a blah day too! Xxx

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    1. My hubster says my mum scurries down our path like a witch on a broomstick and he’s right. She’s either super maternal or super critical and you never know which one you’re going to get. It makes my head spin. So I grown uply avoid too 😂. Oh crap why was yours blah? Xxx

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      1. No reason specifically. Just one of those days. My mum is the same. She doesn’t do the ‘obvious’ criticism though … it’s all a bit backhanded which makes it worse. Always been the same. She can be fabulous too, like when I met her for coffee yesterday, but when we clash it’s not pretty 🤨😁💕


  2. It’s ok to be blah sometimes. And honestly, I would be very stressed about the Christmas thing, too. I’m sorry your family is putting you in that uncomfortable situation! Hugs!


  3. Hi JS,
    A lot happening for you. Having young children is demanding (and rewarding) enough, but parents often have a knack for saying the most frustrating things. My mum is 89 and still craps on at times!
    You focus on you, your husband and child and keep doing the things that make your life better and more meaningful. Others will always criticise and we have no control over them. Hang in there. I find the ‘one day at a time’ mantra applies equally to parenting/family as it does to sobriety. Hang in there.

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  4. I could have written about the same post. I know I should be grateful but feeling so MEH. Already worried about the holidays too. It has been unseasonably cold and grey here for only a couple days but it is a preview of how hard the winter will be. It is so much more of an effort with Covid to make plans and have things to look forward to. Ach I wish we could just sit in the yard and chat. Just being out and around other adults with babies that age helps SO much omg I remember those years I was so fried all the time. You’ll get through it!

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    1. So glad it’s not just me. I was thinking today maybe it’s the transition between summer and autumn. I love both but on greyish days it’s so hard. It would be amazing to be able to sit in the back garden and chat. How you finding no alcohol? Is it getting any easier?

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      1. It’s strange – I would never say it’s “terribly difficult” – I don’t feel absolutely awful or anxious or anything if I don’t have it. Sometimes I would just rather have it! And I don’t like not being able to have things I want!

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