Day 62- Girls Day

Today me and BB had a girls day as Daddy went to play golf. We danced to Estelle “American Boy”, ate home made falafel together and sang a million nursery rhymes. We popped into my elderly 90 year old nana back garden so she could see BB before the local lockdown commences on Tuesday.

Whilst I fully support the new measures we have to take I’m so sad for people like my nan stuck at home, not well enough to venture more than a few steps into her garden. I’m sad for BB not being able to interact and play with other babies. I have mum guilt that maybe I got it wrong. That maybe I should’ve sent her to nursery instead of keeping her at home so she’d have children her own age.

One thing is for certain though. I feel a lot stronger going into these restrictions with a sober head. When lock down first started, I saw it as an excuse to drink to excess. Every morning waking up with a pounding head and blood shot eyes. Day 62 everyone. A lot calmer and enjoyable than the day before.


JS x

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9 thoughts on “Day 62- Girls Day

  1. I don’t understand the rules I have to be honest. I’m allowed to go to the pub or a cafe with 5 other people from more than one household but my mum can’t come and have a cuppa at my house. That seems a bit ludicrous to me! I think the hoards of people hanging out in and outside the bars all hugging and getting up close and personal are likely more of a risk than me having a friend round on the odd occasion. But who am I to argue? Why Tuesday? What is happening over the weekend or on Monday to postpone it? All very strange.

    You are right though. I was so glad I had given up my wine before we had national lockdown in March. I would have seen it as a green light to start drinking early every day and would have felt terrible every day. Try not to feel guilty about BB, plenty of time for her to socialise with other babies and children. Xxx

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    1. It’s absolutely ridiculous isn’t it, I think it’s to keep the economy going as they can’t afford to shut shops and bars. And the guidance says you can have a picnic in a park with 6 people but not in my nans back garden.🤦‍♀️

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      1. I’m sure it is to keep the economy going but be honest about that. Instead we are fobbed off with stupid untruths saying the data and information shows it’s spreading by people mixing in homes. What a load of rubbish!


  2. I am not understanding your lockdown at all either – so pubs are open but you can’t go to a relative’s house? How would they even “catch” you doing that? I worry about my 89 year old grandma who lives alone too, but she seems just fine, content to take naps and read the news and talk on the phone. We do see her outside once a week or so but that’ll be very hard when cold weather comes. As for your babe, don’t worry at all. Kids are resilient, she will be perfectly fine!


  3. You are doing the right thing.
    You have time and energy for BB, so you might as well enjoy this together time.
    They will have many years of socializing later in life.

    I spent year one with my first baby home with time. We get 12 months maternity leave. I loved it and, while we socializes a bit, we spent many days home together.

    After that year we had a live in nanny as I returned to work and he got tons of socializing, both with her and with me. He is now 17 and awesome.

    Baby 2 didn’t get as much individual time, but she has turned out to be a lovely 15 yo.

    This is a precious time. Indulge.


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