Day 63 – Swims and Walks

After falling over the stair gate last night and sporting bruises that made me look like I’d been in a fight, I got up and reluctantly went swimming this morning.

To be honest, I really didnt want to go. My body was sore and bruised and my bed was warm and comfy. It was the hubster that pushed me out of bed and towards the pile of awaiting swim clothes this morning.

But my gosh, when I pulled off the motorway and drove through the windy roads, with the fields harvested and the sun peeking up over the sky line, I was glad I did.

The water was a cold (read freezing) 16c and I instantly regretted my pledge to myself last week that I was going to swim some of it with my head in. I normally do a leisurely breast stroke admiring the countryside. Nevertheless, I stuck my head and confirmed it was as cold as I thought. After two long laps, I got out and treated myself to courgette cake (one of my five a day) and a cuppa before heading home.

At home BB was already on her first nap of the day so I had a hot shower and my new favourite porridge. Hubster and I had agreed to take her to the park for a walk. We’re trying to be good and start the restrictions early to minimise contact. So are avoiding friends and family today.

The park was lovely, there were loads of little birthday parties with balloons under the trees and children playing. BB was in her sling and was doing her funny leg dance pretending she was walking. The hubster and I chatted about the new restrictions, how they limited parents and old people.

He’s angry as he feels for people struggling to make ends meet, who’s only way to see family in the winter is to go to a pub/restaurant or freeze outdoors. He has also suffered from debilitating depression before and hes concerned about not only his mental health but others as the rules keep changing and we’re stuck inside more, cut off from social contacts.

I shared my worries about my nan and how BB loved playing with her a few times a week. I dont want them to lose that bond. We turn a corner and if by perfect timing we see this sign

We both love it and stop to take a snap.

More positive we start to talk about coping strategies and ideas on how we can still see people but stay in the guidelines.

As we leave the park he studies my face. Subconsciously I touch my face worried there’s left over icing from the cake on it. He tells me I look more like “me” than I have in a long time, that I’m taking more pride in my appearance, wearing nicer clothes, doing my make up and hair. As BB kicks off about going in her car seat, he stresses he loves me however I have my hair/what I wear etc. It’s just nice to see me so alive and happy.

I think it’s quitting drinking you know. Since I’ve watched my sugar (apart from the cake), I’ve definitely lost the bloat and my face is no longer resembling a spotty adolescent. I’m so happy the positives are still coming. The project’s only meant to be 100 days, but I think I’m definitely going to do another 100 days straight after.

Anyway I’m waffling. How’s everyone elses Sunday?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

12 thoughts on “Day 63 – Swims and Walks

  1. Lovely post and what a fab moment for you and hubby to share together. I walked for 5 miles with my 13 year old today. He talked and talked but it was lovely. I’m cross about the restrictions because they are made so that people are forced to go out and spend money if they want to see people. A ban on households mixing should be that, a total ban. Not ‘you can’t have a coffee in your mum’s garden but you can meet her in Costa’. It’s ridiculous xx


      1. I’m sure she will. My youngest is still quite young at heart and he’s not in any rush to grow up. I am delighted about that so I am happy to listen to him waffle on about things he loves and enjoys xxx

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  2. Love reading about your insights and the gains you’re making! The rules are stupid – we are doing what we think is safest which is seeing people in our or their garden or occasionally a beer garden – it is going to be awful for anyone living alone with any kind of mental health issue when winter comes – the swimming sounds amazing! Xx


    1. I’m absolutely loving lake swimming. It ends the last week of September and I’m going to really miss it. I think that sounds sensible and I’m hoping once these extra restrictions lift, we can do the same xx

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  3. Good for you getting up and going swimming! I always feel better when I do things like that, but getting out of bed is hard! And that sounds like a nice afternoon with your husband, too. 😘


  4. I started my sober journey deciding to try a year. I thought, hey, that will give me a real perspective.

    Today is day 2479. I had to calculate it as I never think much of it. Every single one of those days was a gift. Every single one is a example of self love and compassion. I have missed out on nothing.

    I’m sure your hubby sees the life shining out of you. I expect BB also feels that. Connection and self awareness. It is how we are meant to live.

    I love your swimming stories. I expect it was freezing, but invigorating!

    Take care,

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