Day 79 – looking forward

I came across this photo I took 2 years ago in Berlin and loved the colours of Autumn so thought I’d share it. I’m hoping this Autumn is as colourful.

I’ve got a night swim this evening, my first ever. I’m really excited to go and I’m even more excited that my sister is coming too. We’re taking separate cars to be careful, but just seeing her and being outside in the water is amazing. She’s still doing 100 days too and is on day 78.

I’ve been outside this morning with BB crunching the slight fall of Autumn leaves and enjoying the sun on my face. We stopped at random for a picnic in one if our local parks, laying out a picnic blanket under a tree. Another mum I sort of know passes and says hi. She had the same idea and before I know it her blankets down 2ms away and the babies are cutely waving at each other.

We chat quite happily about holidays that never happened, the restrictions, what Xmas will hopefully look like and before I know it, 2 hours have passed and its BBs nap time. She’s had a lovely time too and is ready for her nap.

I’m still feeling in limbo, but dont feel the urge to drink. I think it’s because I’m too scared as I’ve read it affects the electrical impulses in your heart. I wonder if this will still be a big motivator after the op. My mum and others keep saying, have a drink to relax or you deserve a drink with all the stress. But I honestly can’t think of anything worse. Like why does my body deserve to be poisoned with toxins?

When looking forward to Xmas this morning with the other mum, I was so excited about starting traditions with BB, putting the tree up, the music and all the delicious smells and food. Drink didn’t factor in any of it. The hubby and I have decided to have our favourite food on Xmas day and a PJ day with films. We normally rush here or there, splitting time between families and to be honest its lovely but stressful. I’m so excited for it to be the 3 of us and not have to rush any where.

We’ve already decided on croissants for breakfast, lasagna for Xmas lunch and cheese cake followed by an evening cheese board. My mouths watering already. I’m also open to any other food ideas, if you want to throw any this way. Christmas eve is always a large potato salad.

Has anyone else made Xmas plans and have they had to adapt in these strange times?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

8 thoughts on “Day 79 – looking forward

  1. Ahhh Berlin was one of my favorite cities. Hubs actually did a live abroad in Germany and is still very close to his host brother, we plan to spend part of our retirement there…
    How are you still swimming, do you wear a wet suit?
    I can’t even think about x mas. Taking it day by day. I can’t imagine not celebrating with my mom and sis… maybe if cases don’t skyrocket we will just take the chance and be indoors with them…

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    1. The waters not too bad atm, a balmy 13c. I wear a surf vest and then have a fluffy dry robe for after. They’re doing it with glow sticks tonight, cant wait. Will be so pretty.
      That’s so cool about Germany. My nan and my MIL are from Germany so I love it there too. Spent many summers on the shores of lake constance playing in the water. We’re in a stricter area so the fines are quite high if we get caught. I hope you can tho, I’ve got everything crossed for you xx


  2. I just started thinking about Christmas! So interesting to not know what we can do or will be able to do. Your Christmas sounds lovely – a big fat croissant! YUM

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  3. Lovely picture.
    No plans. I don’t like holidays, so the kids and I will stay home for Christmas and enjoy whatever interests us at the time. This will be my 7th sober Christmas. Every one has been better for that.

    Night swimming? I can’t wait to hear about that!


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