Day 81 – Day 1 of isolation

I started my isolation for my op today and the most tiring thing is trying to tire out a nearly 1 year old. BB is desperate to walk (but can’t), lies face down and screams when you leave the room and has an attention span of dory the fish.

We’re currently on the second nap and then have the hours between nap time and bed time to fill. Normally we go out and explore more and I feel so sorry for her to be stuck in.

Dexter has finally settled and is so cuddly its unreal. I’m so glad we got to the bottom of it and he’s becoming a confident, cheeky member of the family.

I’ve been reflecting on why I’m in such a funk and there’s one little thing niggling away at me. It’s going to sound really silly, but have you ever felt at home somewhere which isn’t actually your home?

My friends moved into a beautiful tudor cottage out shropshire way almost 7 years ago and I’ve always loved visiting there. When I moved into my first home and I was too poor to feed myself (always had money for wine though 🤦‍♀️) they’d invite me down every other weekend and look after me. When they’d go on holiday, I’d house sit, curling up infront of the real fire with their dog or sitting in the window seat quietly reading my book. I always felt safe, nurtured there and loved how the house was steeped in history. I knew the regulars at the local pub, the fields and walks like the back of my hand. It was a dream of mine to move out there. One I’d discussed with my hubster (we can’t due to my SD so we’re tied to the midlands).

They’ve recently moved out to a new area and due to covid I’m yet to visit. I’m sure the new home is absolutely beautiful, they have the talent of taking wrecks and turning them into something really special. I’m just so sad I wont ever visit that beautiful cottage again and sit on that window seat watching the village wake up as I read my book. I almost feel like I’m mourning the loss of a comforter or a friend, I know that sounds so silly. I’m aware I’m so lucky to have lovely friends and a lot of the time it’s the people that make it. But this home really got under my skin.

Has anyone else felt like this before? It was the first night last night I thought oh a chilled glass of white would be nice, but I managed to push that thought away.

So that’s todays ramble. Hope you’re all ok?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

12 thoughts on “Day 81 – Day 1 of isolation

  1. Ooooo I really feel for you having to be alone with the baby all day inside. That is really tough!! I’ve got no good suggestions except deep breaths and reminders it’s temporary. How long until surgery? Maybe there is a place you can get some used toys or borrow from a mom friend? Usually anything “new to them” is entertaining. Mine liked to take everything out of the pantry or cupboard – I always had to keep light foodstuffs on the low shelves and plastic dishes.

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  2. Well all I can say is when you are better and up on your feet again then we should meet up! Being both midlanders! I hope you can find some enticing activities to entertain baby. Xxx

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    1. Definitely, I’d love that. We could do around the Midlands in 50 cakes (I’ve definitely over indulged again). I was thinking it would be lovely to do a whatsap group if anyone was interested but don’t have a clue how to share information privately on here xxx

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      1. That’s a lovely idea. I’m sure we could get it started if we contact via email. Wendy and I talked about a zoom call too one day with anyone in the little sober/trying to be sober community.

        Around the Midlands in 50 cakes sounds just perfect. That’s something to look forward to xxx


  3. Hug
    Babies are tough. Mine liked the bath so we often all got in a bubble bath to pass time.

    Your friends place sounded lovely. My sister lives in a village in London where you can walk to the shops and everyone knows seems so nice compared to where I live, which is generally a suburb. Not that I should complain…I have a nice house. But her lifestyle seems so much softer.

    I’d like to live somewhere like that when I retire.

    Hugs. Keep isolating. Stay away from the wine,!


  4. I’m glad you only have a few more days of this! I haven’t had that experience with someone else’s house, but I can certainly understand why you would feel that way. I’m sure I would miss it, too! Take good care of yourself. 🤗

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