Day 88 – two fat ladies

So if you weren’t aware (and sorry if you are and I’m teaching you to suck eggs), the term “two fat ladies” comes from bingo halls in the UK. It might also be in other countries, but I’ve not played bingo since being a kid in a social club with my Irish Nana.

The term has always made me smile and brings back fond memories so I feel it is fitting for todays day 88. It goes hand in hand with memories of smokey social clubs, with a packet of crisps and a panda pop from my childhood with my dads side of the family. My nana used to sit looking over her over sized glasses, blouse with a collar and cardigan, sipping her shandy taking the whole thing very seriously.

I’m also…. and this won’t come as a shock to any of you… still a little bit fat. Now I know I’ve just had an operation, but I feel so excited to be able to do things again. I’ve been too nervous to run alone, take part in races due to this heart. I’ve also hidden behind it, using it as an excuse not to push myself.

Well today I feel slightly sore, but thrilled and exhilarated. I’m so excited to get back out there and run, especially the rainy wintery runs I love so much. It’s also made me think lots about heart health in general and whilst on bed rest I’ve been googling healthy heart food and planning wholesome food for us all. I’m hoping exercise combined with this will reduce my viscal fat and help my body be as healthy as it can be. Not being a drinker will also help that.

My friend who lives in the country text today saying I bet you’re relieved you can drink fizz again and it’s made me realise how far I’ve become. I’m not in the slightest interested in having a drink. Im more excited about the massive toblerone and this amazingly cheesy hallmark series I’ve found.

So although I’m coming to the end of the 100 days (less than 2 weeks away), I’ve still got so much work to do and life to live. I cant tell even begin to tell you how excited I am and how grateful for everyone who’s taken the time to comment and support.

I hope you’re all well and healthy. If anyones got any healthy recipe ideas let me know.


JS x

Ps-I know toblerone isnt healthy heart food, but its food good for the soul after an operation ♡

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

14 thoughts on “Day 88 – two fat ladies

  1. Wow I can’t believe you’re so close to 100 days, you sound in such a great place, so happy for you! So, while I’m not too great at the sobriety thing, I might be able to help with food stuff – I’d consider my diet mostly vegan / whole foods and somehow after years of disordered eating have gotten to a good place where I actually enjoy eating healthy. Too much for one comment, why isn’t there a chat feature on here?! You might be able to find some recipes on my old blog …. plus all my issues from when my babies were as little as yours!


  2. I would love a chat feature on here. I was saying to claire we should have a sober whatsap group. I’ve got disordered eating, I binge terribly. Then I have months where I eat well, back to binging. Thinking of going veggie after new year so I’ll definitely check this out thank you ♡♡♡

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    1. Yes, mine was all binge / restrict, a vicious cycle. I have no clear answer how I got out of it (the worst years were during college and then 20’s before having kids), but going veg definitely helped, feeling really good and not guilty about the things I was putting in my body. And just getting older / not giving a shit so much if I gained a few pounds. I’m not saying going veg works for everyone, some people really need meat. But it’s all about filling yourself with nourishing foods. No counting or keeping track, it’d make me obsessive and lead to binges when I’d inevitably fail at whatever health plan I was trying.

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      1. I find if I dont eat sugar all my urges to binge go. Then as soon as i have some, maybe out I’ll have a dessert it awakens a beast and I’m out of control


  3. Disordered eating and addiction go hand on hand.
    I was (am) a restrictior. When I’m stressed I loved starving and having food rules and hating my body. And then drinking to stop the constant self criticism.

    Unconditional self acceptance. It is the only answer. It brings peace exactly as you are.

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  4. Toblerone is a well known ‘get well’ remedy. That’s a fact! I’m so glad you are ok. Sugar is a big issue for me .. both in terms of weight and joint pain/inflammation. Give yourself some time to recover fully. Make your exciting plans and enjoy the fact that it’s all over xxx

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      1. I’m ok. It’s been just a mad busy week with work taking over. I’m looking forward to the weekend and I have Mondays off so three days coming up is lovely. Xxx

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