Day 90 – Just call me Gloria Gaynor

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified”

I survived!!! the night…. which is a relief as I’m officially on day 90. Last night my mum shared these gems with me over a 4 hour period:

I shouldn’t eat so much pasta (after she dishes up a massive bowl of spag bol for me).

It’s her belief the cat Dexter has an eye issue (this was repeated 3 times, he’d just sneezed and one eye was closed).

The cats bum is sore (yes because on Thursday you fed him loads of stuff we asked you not to and he’s had diarrhea for 2 days).

My sisters girlfriend has a drink problem (we are all secretly aware of this and my sister has stopped drinking to try and reduce her girl friends drinking). Apparently the gf fell down the stairs this week. My mum then ends the conversation abruptly as apparently she’s “not a gossip”.

BB is too clingy and it’s not normal in a child (like what baby isn’t clingy, during the clingy baby stage heightened by lock down).

BB is too much of a daddies girl.

Have I thought about moving house, my house is too small (it is small but we are hoping to be mortgage free in 5 years and it does have 3 bedrooms. It’s more the configuration than the space).

Why am I calling the husband (because the bar shuts at 10pm and its 11:30. I can hear the delinquents racing outside and I want to check he’s ok).

I am mean to call him.

It’s too cold, it’s always too cold in my house (mental note to turn the heating down every time she visits).

Ugh how can I even drink herbal teas.

She was going to bring round a bottle of wine but then remembered I was being boring and not drinking. So she didn’t bother.

But I survived. How I don’t know. I’m now sat in bed with a cuppa, eeking out “recovery from op” as long as possible as I hear my BB and hubster play together instead. In a moment I’m going to get up and join them.

Happy, Happy, peaceful, joyful Saturday to you all.


Pasta munching, sober boring JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

12 thoughts on “Day 90 – Just call me Gloria Gaynor

  1. “She was going to bring round a bottle of wine but then remembered I was being boring and not drinking. So she didn’t bother” ….. that’s my favourite, particularly as she was also telling you that your sister’s girlfriend drinks too much! You just can’t please some people. I always think it must be exhausting to be like your mum, never happy and always finding the fault and negativity in people and situations. How sad life must feel for them. Thanks goodness you are the complete opposite. Enjoy your tea and your play ❤️💕🤗

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  2. You won love! You handled your mom like a champion and wohoo give yourself so many gold stars. I am coming up behind you with 6 days to go and I love reading your posts. It gives a sense of solidarity…..a kinship if you will. Have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

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