Day 92 – My God Mum

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you. But I’ve seriously lucked out with my god mum. She is everything I’d love to be if I’m ever lucky enough to be given the role. My BB even knows her as Grandma Din (when I was little I couldn’t say Lynne so the name Din stuck).

She comes over at the time I’ve asked for help. Bringing us a lovely lunch and straight away puts her slippers on (my mum always walks around in her shoes over BBs foam play mats and it drives me mad). She interacts with the toys BB wants her to interact with, doesn’t push herself on her and goes with the flow. I love her.

When I was little and my mum and dad got divorced, I stayed at my God mums every Thursday night. It was my favourite night of the week. I know it was probably easier for her as she only had me one night, but we would cook dinner, talk about everything and nothing and walk her dog I adored. I always felt relaxed, secure and loved. I still take great comfort in her company.

As I’ve grown, got promotions, brought a home by myself, it is my God mum championing my corner. Telling me how proud she is. Sending little notes for the good and bad times.

My godfather (her husband), walked me down the aisle last year and I was so proud to have them at our day. I feel really lucky as I now feel like I’m getting to know a new side to her as she tentatively offers support. In BBs 2 hour nap time, she tells me stories of her past, her glittering career, the famous people she met, her MBE. I love that she’s quite shy about it and I have to coax it out of her. She’s lived a fascinating life.

I dont know why I’m writing this, I suppose I just wanted to throw out a token of appreciation. I’ve told her today how much she means to me, but it feels good to write it down.


JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

6 thoughts on “Day 92 – My God Mum

  1. It is so nice that your have that. I truly believe family is much more than blood relatives.

    Next time tell your mom to take off her shoes. Start with small boundaries. You will be surprised at how proud of yourself you will be.


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