Day 94 – The supportive wife

My husband is feeling stressed and anxious. Somethings happened at work and there’s increasing pressure on wfh with a new boss trying to prove herself. He’s cared for me and BB whilst I’ve had my heart issue. There’s then been his ex wife playing games and he’s recently become estranged from his mum and she didnt acknowledge BBs birthday. I can tell it hurt him terribly.

He confessed in the early hours of the morning how he’s been waking up in the middle of the night to check I’m still alive. I really feel for him. I’d be doing exactly the same.

I decided since I’m up and about more I’d start our dinner during BBs nap time and batch cook some food for BB. I’m quite a messy cook, especially when I’ve got a couple of things on the go and thought whilst things were simmering away, I’d pick up some of BBs toys in the living room.

Literally a minute later the smoke alarms going off. I’ve set fire to the kitchen. 2 kitchen towels are on fire and a wooden spoon is charring. Instinctively I grab the washing up bowl full of dirty water and chuck it over. The fire goes out. Whilst we’ve been extremely lucky (thank god for a smoke alarm), it wasnt the supportive wife result I was dreaming of. Back to the drawing board.



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

8 thoughts on “Day 94 – The supportive wife

  1. It always seems when we are trying hard to make things nice that the unexpected, and unwanted, happens.
    I’m so sorry about your mother in law. Your poor husband.
    I hope he can find some peace of mind now that your surgery is done. Does he have a therapist? I think we all need therapy, lol. Especially if he has gone through the trauma of infidelity with his ex. It is an unbelievably painful abuse.

    Hugs and love.


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    1. Hiya Anne, one of the first things I did when we got serious was help him arrange therapy. I’m a great believer in it. Unfortunately he hasnt been since the situation with his mum, mainly due to covid. But I think it would be good to pick it up again ♡♡

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