Day 96 –

I’ve never been tempted more than today to drink.

The day in some respects has been lovely. BB and I went National Trusting with a friend.

We both gazed in wonder at the colours of Autumn on a wood walk. She constantly reached up and tried to touch the leaves. We shared a lunch outside and then during her nap I came home snuggled up with a blanket, a cuppa, Dexter and a good book.

On the flipside, BB was sick over herself on the way to NT and I had to pull over. On the way back she pooed through her nappy.

On the subject of poo, things are no better with Dexter. We have a good day then 6 bad ones. All my soft furnishings have sheets over them to help protect them from his accidents and I’ve never cleaned up so much poo. We are vacuuming every day and up in the middle of the night when we can hear him going, to check he’s clean. We are all exhausted but dont want to give up on him. I’ve been brought up to believe when you adopt an animal it’s their forever home.

We’ve had countless discussions with the vets and heading back in on Thursday. After cleaning up a load this afternoon, I feel so sorry for him and just so sad.

My SD is home and we’ve thankfully got a sweet 7 yr old and not a stroppy pants. We asked her if she’d like to go football as if she really really loved it we were going to take her. She’s confessed she doesn’t like it, she only goes so mummy can talk to the other mummys. It also appears she hasn’t been isolating the last 2 weeks. Her mother told her she didnt need to isolate when staying at her partners as the germs didn’t follow them. So they’ve been Macdonalds, John Lewis, the pub and heaven knows where else. No wonder it’s spreading.

On the subject of the ex wife she spent loads on BB and it’s made me feel really uncomfortable. I’ve text thanking her, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

My SD turned up late, starving so we had a late tea and she’s gone to bed 2 hours later than normal.

So now I’m here, cuddling my cat and hubster shoving sugar into my mouth. I’m holding onto the first bit of the post like it’s a precious jewel.

I will get to 100 days.

Happy Friday everyone



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

18 thoughts on “Day 96 –

  1. Sounds like such a hard day! I’m so sorry. You will get through this though, and tomorrow will be different. And you’ll be so glad you didn’t drink. Now, about the cat poo issue. How awful. I have had lots of cat pee issues in my life (also terrible), and I really feel for you. I hope the vet gets it figured out soon! Hugs! 🤗

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    1. Thanks so much Leafy. I feel so sorry for him. Hes such a lovely boy and he’s not naughty, he genuinely cant seem to help it. I’m convinced its cat ibs but we will see 🤗🤗


  2. Have you ever thought about removing the countdown to 100 days? It seems like an underlying pressure to me. Just a thought. Enjoy where you are, one day at a time. They’ll add up all on their own. xx

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  3. I feel for you on the cat poo front – one thing I’m not missing about Ruby bless her. You will get to 100 days – I believe in you! – you have come this far and so much is better for you from so many of your posts – everything’s harder without sleep – maybe crate him or leave in one room at night so it’s all in one place til you find out what’s wrong? Love and hugs xxx😘😘

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    1. Thanks DGS, last night he ate a wrap that was out and we came down at 3am to a present. He’s just such a love bug and wants to be with us all the time, but I’m thinking of leaving him in our porch and making him up a bed. It has a cat flap and no carpet so makes it easier to clean. Vet appointment on Tuesday thank god xxx


  4. You will reach 100 days. Tomorrow morning you’ll be super happy you didn’t drink and you got through a tough day using your own resources (and some chocolate!). That’s really stressful about Dexter. I really hope it can be sorted. Xxx

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  5. Every hard day is a day made less horrible because you didn’t drink.
    How could it possible help? A few hours of numbness followed by the same problems, plus more. Booze always adds more.

    I’m so sorry about the cat. I really hope there is an answer….

    As for the ex…that’s just odd. My ex had a baby and I have definitely not sent anything….

    People are strange, lol.

    Take care

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