Day 97- More National Trust

I literally went straight to bed after writing last night, with a handful of obligatory chocolates and my book.

I curled up and slept like I was dead. A benefit of sobriety, I cant be more grateful for.

We all woke up around 7 and the weird mood of yesterday was hanging on to my jama bottoms, so I bundled up the gang and we headed out to an early National Trust by us.

Well. We all loved it. I never realised my SD would be so fascinated about the house, picking out the portrait of Henry VIII, asking volunteers questions, doing the quizzes.

We did the welly walk, climbed trees, solved riddles and my husband shared an old german fable. We then had attempts of creating our own fables, laughing as we went. Then to finish off an Autumnal picnic on a beautiful lawn with the lovely colours of the leaves surrounding us.

I feel so up and down at the moment. Yesterday was really low but then today I’m flying. I wonder when it will die down and level out. Did anyone else experience the same?

In other news our cat went out last night at his insistence and hasn’t come back just yet. I’m not too worried just yet, my other cat used to be an explorer but my SD and husband are beside themselves. I’m just about to head out round the block to rattle some dry bits with my SD.

Happy sober Saturday


JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

10 thoughts on “Day 97- More National Trust

  1. We haven’t had a family day out in such a long time. I’m going to do it … we need it! Glad you had such a lovely time. Up and down is the norm for me. I think that’s life. Hope kitty appears soon xxx

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  2. Wow! How cozy it looks to be out in the woods with jackets on. I’m in a rather tropical climate- we’re still wearing short sleeves and shorts. I’m eagerly anticipating the cooler weather. I’m sorry to hear you’re up and down. I have some of those, for sure! Mostly related to hormonal shifts for me, I think. I try to soak up and enjoy the up times and be as patient as I can during the down times. Know this too will pass.

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