Day 111 – Halloween

It’s definitely starting to feel like Halloween in this house. The decorations are up, the tempers are fraught, the kids are being terrors (and not even in costume yet) and we’re nervously waiting out to see whether we enter another national lockdown.

I notice I definitely eat my feelings (thankfully I’m not a fan of Halloween candy) and I used to certainly drink them 112 days ago.

I know I’m lucky, I have a roof over my head, surrounded by loved ones, food in my fridge, a warm bed to sleep in. I’m not seeing the virus, fighting on the front line, like the brave workers that put themselves in harm’s way every shift. But I cant help but feel a little bit hard done by.

I’m trying to do cross stitch quietly when BB naps, taking a moment for myself. Planning her meals and entertaining a disappointed SD who was excited to trick and treat tonight, until we said no.

So that’s today. No big update, just a bit of a ploddy day

Hows your halloween?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

6 thoughts on “Day 111 – Halloween

  1. Sorry the lockdown is ruining your Halloween? Is it so strict there like what Anne was saying about the police stopping people outside in France? We of course, being the AMERICANS we are who believe in FREEDOM (complete sarcasm in case it doesn’t come through) have no restrictions here …. our kids will be at their other parents, but we had some of their friends over last night so they could see our massive yard decorations (hubs is obsessed… in a good way…. I should try again to post some pics) and tonight we’ll be out just chatting with neighbors who stop over. A good time. As long as I don’t drink too much. Trying to focus on Halloween for now and save my freaking out over the election for the next few days….

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    1. I’m surprised they didnt run your election on Halloween 😉 we went out and every time she saw a pumpkin we gave her some candy. Some neighbours like us had left bowls of bagged candy out too. This will make you laugh, one old man came running out the house and gave her a £1 even though we didnt knock any doors we were just walking around the block. She rang her mum this eve and was like I walked round trick or treating and men were giving me £1s. Her mum asked her to repeat the story 3x so I’m expecting a ton of abuse shortly 😂😂 hope you have a lovely halloween, thinking of you over the next few days xx


  2. My creative daughter and I made some creepy decorations. I put bags out instead of having kids come to the door. There were WAY more kids Thani expected! I had to make more candy bags to keep up.
    It’s cold here, and there’s lots of snow! But Canadians don’t let that stop us.
    My 15 yo even went trick or treating with a small group. Son was supposed to go to a party, but him and a buddy stayed home and played video games.

    All in all a great Halloween.

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