Day 112 – The awesome in me…

…. recognises the awesome in you.

I’ve just done day 1 of Adrienne “Home” yoga work out and it finished with that line. For some reason when she said it a warm glow washed over my body and I wanted to share it with you and pass on the awesomeness.

I’ve decided to do her Home 30 day yoga journey again. I previously did it before getting sober and I’m interested to see how it feels doing it sober, when life feels more colourful. I’ve already delightedly grinned to myself ear to ear for no apparent reason half way through. I don’t remember doing that the first time.

I decided to do yoga, because I’d stopped doing it during my lake district holiday and then for some reason or another never got back into it. I always feel better for doing it, calmer, more collected and since we are entering a second lock down I thought now would be a good day to start.

30 days yoga in a 30 day month.

Plus most of you who are kind enough to comment have all sung its praises as a coping strategy which is needed right now.

I’m also going to try and do 30 days no binge eating too, but going to take it day by day. This time now is normally my danger zone, BB napping and hubby and SD out walking so I feel proud to have beaten this afternoons urge.

I know there will be plenty more through out the day (and 30 days) but trying to take it moment by moment, until like alcohol, I dont obsess over it anymore.

I’ll be using this blog to keep myself accountable as it seems to really work.

So that’s my Sunday. I’m trying not to dwell on the swimming pool being shut and filling time with positive activities. Hopefully by doing yoga and running a few times a week, by the time it’s open I’ll be able to hit it hard. I’ll certainly be fitter.

So how is everyone? English people, how are you coping with the news?(I know there’s different restrictions in Scotland, Wales and NI. USA people, how are you feeling with the vote getting closer? I hope you’re ok.



Ps If anyone wants to join me for this challenge it’s very welcomed

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35 thoughts on “Day 112 – The awesome in me…

      1. Like I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not just Trump – it’s knowing that there could be so many ignorant and insane people who would elect him…. AGAIN. Untipsy you are nearby me right? Minneapolis?


      1. Leafy, email me your mobile number and I’ll set up a little health and well being support group. We can do the yoga thing and we are also following Emma’s habit tracker, starting today. She’s posting it on here. Whole Health with Emma. xxx

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  1. Yoga is a great option for when BB is sleeping.
    Being ok with nothing to do it HARD.
    My sister in London is also ready for another lockdown. At least her kids will still go to school.
    Here in Alberta we are just carrying on like there is no pandemic. It is distressing. I have to return to my office tomorrow and I don’t want to! Lol



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  2. Yay for Yoga! I will continue to sing its praises, it really has helped me through a lot. Hubs is interested in trying, I didn’t realize how foreign the postures are to beginners until he tried to join me – is your series easy for beginners? It did make me remember how excruciating it was for me when I started, unable to touch my toes, downward dog felt so uncomfortable, couldn’t imagine having the strength for side plank….
    I ramble, but one thing I need to add – I tend to get stuck in the rut where I don’t do yoga because it isn’t exactly the “right” time – not quiet enough, or clean enough, or I’ve eaten too recently, etc. etc. – but have realized that I will ALWAYS feel better even after 30 “easy” minutes – so why not, I should join you in this challenge.

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  3. LS, just needed to circle back and say THANK YOU again, for the inspiration – sobriety and otherwise. I wasn’t going to do yoga for all the above reasons – ate a bunch of Indian takeout for dinner, also hubs didn’t want to. But after reading your post I did 25 easy minutes and feel SO much better.

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    1. Omg this is amazing. Have you seen the Adrienne Home series? I am a complete and utter novice but I manage to do what resembles some sort of yoga. Your hubby might find it easier too? Love the thought of us all doing yoga together but apart ♡♡

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      1. I have zero flexibility and I’m 24lbs overweight (on a good day). If that helps him feel more confident about trying. My arms shake and I farted during downward dog when my husband walked in 🤦‍♀️😂

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      2. Do it. It’s a great series … we are on day 3 tomorrow 😊
        We are starting a what’s app group to keep us healthy and happy through Covid and beyond. Let us know if you want to join. You can email JS or me. Claire x

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  4. So great! What a fun Mat. I’ve been really getting back into my yoga routine also- and it’s a different world sober- I agree! Good for you for having the discipline to do it at home. I’m much more likely to finish the class if I’m in public! Lol. Are you guys doing a lockdown? Is that the news? Here in the US…I think many are relieved the election is almost over. It stresses a lot of people out, on both sides. Definitely a controversial election! I’m just trying to tune the crazy out. I voted 🗳 so nothing more to do. What will be, will be!

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    1. All our classes are cancelled from Thursday so trying to be disciplined to do it at home. It is hard tho to get in the head space. We go into lockdown Thursday for a month allegedly, but I can see it being longer. What’s the news with you guys ♡♡

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      1. Wow! That’s a long time. You mean college classes for you or for your kids? Things here….well I’m in the southern US. There’s a lot of Covid denial around here. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Some people are very careful, some people are going about business, more or less, as normal. It varies. Masks are required in stores. I don’t personally know many people in my circle who have had covid. Hoping the good luck continues!

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  5. I love how you started off this post! At some point I need to try yoga. Claire gave me an app to try.
    Definitely stressed due to the election here. I really hope Trump does not get elected again. I can’t believe people actually like him! Just insane!

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    1. I bet, the film we watched over here on how people had been almost brainwashed into supporting him was such a jaw dropper. I can recommend Adrienne “Home” series. I’m an overweight unfit beginner and I can manage it, so if i can anyone can 😂😂. Hope you’re well ♡♡

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      1. That’s so very reassuring! I feel I may be a bit behind as I have meant to start yoga for quite awhile now, I just haven’t. I really want to start it as a daily practice as I know it will benefit me! Seems like a great series to start!!! Thank you!!!!!! ❤️

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