Day 113 – “From my home to yours”…

So I may have borrowed another Adriene quote, but she always says something so profound at the end of each session it’s hard not to.

Todays session was intend and it asked us to look inside and ask what do we intend. My monkey brain went crazy for a second, but settled on to see the 30 days of yoga and no binge eating through.

I’m really enjoying the second day of all this. So far I’ve told my hubster to f off when I was wobbling on all fours with my bum in the air (oh how things have changed post kids) and I like the little jolts of joy I feel whilst doing the practice.

I also had a tinsy break through yesterday. We were watching season 4 of “this is us”, I was there with my herbal tea swooning over Jack Pearson, when the hubby brought in a large pack of chocolate digestives. He’d jokingly mentioned he’d brought some during the day and my brain literally tortured myself from that moment…

“Oh god there’s treats in the house”

“Will I say no, I hope I manage to”

“Bloody hell, I’ve managed to give up alcohol, one biscuit won’t hurt”

“I deserve it”.

In the end I managed to squeak out a no thanks when he offered and then he ate them but kept them out of sight.

I think I have 2 binge behaviours, one where I plan and anticipate a binge and I look forward to it. The second is impulsive, if its offered or I know bad food is in the house. So I suppose part of getting better is planning for both.

Telling myself it’s one day at a time and if I really want that toblerone/ biscuit/ kinder bueno I can have it at the end of November seems to be working for now.

Doing yoga when I would normally binge in BBs nap time has also helped.

In other news I did a lovely walk with BB on her trike and remembered Untipsy Teachers advice on taking more photos. Stopping and appreciating the nature around us. I’m glad I did as I found a really cool leaf, some beautiful Autumnal colours and a little fairy skeleton door.

How’s everyone elses day? Hope if you decided to do the yoga too, you’re enjoying it.


JS x

Ps some photos I took

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14 thoughts on “Day 113 – “From my home to yours”…

  1. It’s morning here but I’m trying to plan out how I’ll fit yoga into the day, thanks to you! So what is your plan re: the sweets? It seems per this post you are denying them altogether? Also what’s up with hubs I thought you had a no sugar agreement until x-mas! No drinking today either, even though I’ve got a half bottle of bourbon left from Halloween…. omg don’t need anything to add to my anxiety about tomorrow! (But why would I want to add to my anxiety any day…. asks my rational brain…)


    1. My hubby and I are like sugar like you and your hubby are like alcohol. I think that’s why I emphasise so much with you. We start with the best intentions and then eat our body weight in chocolate. It’s so hard when it’s open isnt it. Let me know how the yoga goes ♡♡♡


  2. It’s morning here. I have a menstrual migraine since yesterday, and I was supposed to return to my office today.
    It was so dark and cold. I decided to take a vacation day and will drink coffee and put away Halloween.
    The snow is melting, but will eventually stay. Brrr.
    Love the pictures.

    Stay hydrated. It’s always my issue. Then it’s hard to know if I’m thirsty or hungry.



  3. Yay!
    I love them!

    I overate after we got Chinese food one night. I only overeat when I have certain foods. So we only get take out once a week.
    No cookies or ice cream or anything good! Lol
    The most boring house ever!

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