Day 114 – “Awakening is not just a tick box exercise…”

“… it’s a process”.

That’s Adrienne’s gem today when doing her Awaken day 3. I’m going to be honest, I couldn’t fully let myself go and get into todays practice. But I’m learning from it.

The cabinet man turned up unexpectedly (before we had even agreed a quote) to fit the cabinets this morning and I had to cancel a walk with BB and a friend to supervise. BB not used to a stranger in the house had an absolute melt down too.

I could and maybe should have sent him away. But I let him in to do them and I love them. He worked really hard and seemed a lot nicer than the obnoxious guy he came across before. He shared whilst doing the work, he was really scared of lock down.

His work’s not classed as essential, so I suppose it explains his behaviour today. I know it’s not right, but I really like them and I’m glad we’ve got it done. Hubster stayed upstairs away from him, but likes them too.

So by the time it came to day 3 of yoga, it was later than I’d normally do it and I felt all agitated. I worked my way like a baby rhino through the poses, but kept forgetting to breathe right and at one point wanted to throw the remote at the tv.

I’ll admit once I’d completed it, I felt a lot calmer so that’s really positive. Also I’d have normally headed straight to the food cupboard after this morning, however I’m so pleased I stayed focused and did yoga instead.

Adrienne’s awaken quote, really hit a chord with me today. I feel like this whole getting sober is about being awakened. Like a slightly tipsy, wobbly, angry caterpillar, I’m now in a silky cocoon. Or probably more apt, I’ve molted into a chrysalis.

Each activity, whether it be open water swimming, 30 days of yoga, reading sober and binge eating blogs and all the other little pieces, they’re adding up to add colour to my butterfly wings when I’m ready to emerge fully awakened. I’m excited to see what it looks like.

What’s your thoughts? Hope anyone who’s also doing the yoga challenge is also enjoying it too.



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

7 thoughts on “Day 114 – “Awakening is not just a tick box exercise…”

  1. So true. All of life seems this long messy process, it’s just figuring out how to be ok with that. (except I’m far from ok, drank some whiskey and watched Call the Midwife last night, starting my tears flowing and ending with a speech to hubs about how awful the world is and how impossible it is to fix it…) Really excited for you & the yoga! I did mine yesterday, it was lovely, not sure about today, all the kids are home and I am running a 5K “Run for RBG” at 4 p.m. with some neighborhood moms around our polling place.

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  2. Yoga was tough for me today, too! I went to a hot vinyasa class. Vinyasa is the most challenging for me. It makes me feel so inflexible lol. The sober journey really is an awakening journey. Absolutely!

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