Day 115 -The day before lock down

Today was the last early morning of swimming (photo from the car park). It was the first time I’ve had to de-ice the car at 5:20am but it was worth it. It was a great session.

It was also our last baby class, BB and I before lock down. I’m so sad, she’s going to miss out on interacting with other babies and enjoying the sensory play. She kept crawling towards the other babies and it’s so sad keeping them at a distance to each other.

I also did my yoga for the 4th day and I’m still enjoying it. Today was activate and I definitely felt it in my muscles.

I also had a first today. Today was the first counselling session for my binge eating. It was really emotive and I feel a bit overwhelmed about it which is probably why this post has little substance. I’m sorry.

I think I’m going to leave it there. Hope you’re all ok.



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15 thoughts on “Day 115 -The day before lock down

  1. Hug
    I am sure that was emotional. Try to be gentle with yourself tonight.
    I returned to my office yesterday. It’s odd to be moving back to normal as other areas are moving in the opposite Direction.
    I’m sure you and BB will come up with some good ideas.

    Hugs to you

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      1. It is weird and cases where I live are increasing quickly.
        I would much prefer to work from home.
        I’m being patient and hoping they reconsider….otherwise I will stay in my office with the door closed while there!

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  2. Dear JS, the image you shared from baby class is a little heartbreaking! Of course it’s because everyone is trying to protect the health of others but still I’m sure that’s tough. I have to tell you something at least kind of funny! The voice I have for Siri is the British Male voice and he says “car park” whenever I’m using Google map guidance. At first I was like “what is he talking about? Car park??” But of course I know now. Anyway, that’s one thing I thought of when I read your post. Kudos to you for digging deep on binge eating. I’m sure it’s tough work but you’re building awareness around behaviors and that’s powerful stuff. 💜

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  3. Thanks so much for your support. Haha once when I worked in the states at a lake front, all us English were talking about our “swimming costumes” and what we would wear the next day. The lovely American girl we worked with Sarah was freaking out, “wait you guys have costumes”. It took about 20 minutes to realise you guys call them bathing suits. Poor Sarah had thought she’d forgotten some fancy dress 😂😂

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  4. When my daughter had her first counseling session she came home and cried, was exhausted and went to her room and ended up falling asleep. She was nervous to keep going but I’m glad she did as it did help her. I hope it helps you too!

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