Day 133 – Lockdown Weekends

I’ve been really lucky this weekend to get out and meet an old university friend for a socially distanced stomp. It felt so refreshing seeing someone I hold so dear, catching up, sharing covid horror stories and discussing life.

She’s been a friend since we met at university many many moons ago. One of the lovely things about our friendship, is we literally don’t talk every week, we can go a month or even 2 without talking. But when we do catch up it’s like nothing has changed.

We discussed sobriety and she admitted she had also drastically cut back and we both agreed the positives outweighed the negatives when it came to quitting. I didn’t have the courage to tell her about my binge eating disorder, even though I know she would have been accepting and supportive.

Whenever we part, I always seem to mourn the easy going days where we lived in each others pockets (mainly in our pjs), but I’m proud of us for maintaining our friendship.

It also felt incredibly weird being without my daughter. Normally the least time I spend without her is her 2 hour nap time. Driving my car and not seeing BB’s cheeky face peeking out of the mirror by her car seat was really strange.

This has been the first weekend without my step daughter also for 3 weeks. In a month we’ve had her around 21 days and although we are finding our family rhythms as a blended family. I also enjoy it when it’s my daughter and hubby, it’s more chilled and BB gets more attention. We must be doing something right though as she text off her mums phone this weekend saying how much she missed us, which really touched me.

I’m slightly behind the trend with lockdown, but I’ve finally baked some soda bread. BB loved it for her lunch and even the hubster was quite impressed.

In other news, I’ve still done yoga every day in November so far (thanks for the encouragement). Today was stir and as I did it I felt my roast dinner stir inside me lol. I’ve also managed not to binge, I’m still keeping to a food schedule and a food diary. These 2 small tasks seem to be helping immensely. I already feel more positive and in control.

So that’s me. Loving this sober life (it still feels like a super power) and getting to grips with this eating disorder.

I read an interview with Gary Barlow yesterday and he admitted to having one, so its slowly coming more in the opened. He said it took 18months to get grips into his life and 10 years to beat. My husband was horrified it took that long when I told him. But it gave me comfort that even celebrities with all their wealth and opportunity have a slow recovery. Gary said in the article he’s finally come to terms with the fact there’s some foods he just can’t eat as it will restart it and I’m beginning to think it might be the same for me.

Anyway I’m rambling now. Happy Sunday evening to you all


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

11 thoughts on “Day 133 – Lockdown Weekends

  1. Sobriety is indeed like a super power. I talked on one posts many moons ago about how I felt like I had been given an invisible shield … that it was giving me protection and confidence I didn’t have before. I still feel that now. I’m glad you had a lovely time with your friend. Xxx

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  2. Last night I was triggered by ice cream.
    Overate a little because of that.
    I will have to figure out something else next weekend.
    I do write down my calories every day which helps me for some reason.

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    1. I completely get this…Have you tried nice cream? (That’s what we call it in this house any way). Instead of having ice cream in as I’m terrible with it, I put frozen bananas, vanilla essence, cocoa powder and peanut butter together. It’s lovely but not as moorish as ice cream ♡♡

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  3. What a beautiful photo – the colors of the different leaves are so vibrant! That’s great that you were able to spend time with a friend. Do your relationships feel different to you, now that you have been sober for a while? Mine do. I feel like I will remember a lot more, too.

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