Day 137 – Yoga

I’ve set myself the challenge of doing yoga every day in November following Adrienne’s home series. I’m surprised how much I enjoy the sessions, how my hips feel better when running and how I can feel antsy until I’ve planned it into my day.

Another completely unexpected benefit is the extra bonding time with my rescue cat. Some of you might remember, on 21st September this year we adopted a stinky, greasy, fur ball we named Dexter.

Dexter eats anything (scraps in the sink, bread from the bread bin etc) and it breaks my heart to think he lived as a stray and went hungry. For the first 2 weeks we completely over fed him, trying in our naivety to spoil him and he kept leaving us presents everywhere. Of the stinky kind.

After regulating his diet, whilst we do get the occasional present, he has completely flourished into this beautiful family cat. He sleeps on my SDs bed, plays with BB and her toys and follows me around like a little shadow.

The latest thing he’s really got into is yoga. Every night I roll out my mat to heavy breathe and listen to Adriennes wisdom and out he comes. He’ll sprawl over the mat, moving out the way in synchronicity with my movement. I’ve only nearly flattened him once with a cobra.

I’m loving this side to him and love the unexpected benefit of yoga… bonding time with my little love bug. He helps me laugh at my wobbly lunges and makes all the positions a little light hearted. I think his favourite is the forward fold as it means lots of head rubs. (Photos below)

How are you all today? Have you found any unexpected benefits of yoga?


JS & Dexy

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15 thoughts on “Day 137 – Yoga

  1. Oh this is lovely! I would love to have a cat do yoga with me. Sometimes my youngest son comes to join me at the end of my practice and if I’m lucky he gives me a kiss (if I’m unlucky he stands on my head 😂)


  2. I have started to realise that when I feel that panic and heart clenching in a moment of anxiety, I automatically start to take slow deep breaths which calms me instantly. It’s come from yoga practice for sure. I also feel my legs and stomach muscles are stronger and interestingly my balance on my bike is much better. I feel out of sorts if I don’t get at least 15 mins in of yoga time. Xxx

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  3. I agree with claire, the deep breathing is such a simple yet powerful tool that is so easy to forget to do. I am SO having kitty fever but hubs is allergic and I would not want to pay a bunch of $$$ for an expensive hypo allergenic breed…

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  4. Love Adrienne, although I don’t do nearly enough with her. Maybe I will copy your goal and spend quality time with her in December. Dexter looks like a handsome fella with that glossy, black fur! So fun to have some companionship during your practice… 🙂

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  5. Proud of you for keeping up with your yoga! It takes determination to practice alone, at home. I slack off in my yoga when I try to practice alone…lol. I just have trouble working up the motivation outside of the class environment. I actually need to get back in gear with it, in general. We celebrated Thanksgiving in the US and I’m working on getting back on track after the lovely holiday. Look forward to seeing an update soon! 🙂

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