Day 145 -A new path

So I had to confirm with the university yesterday that I’d like to accept their place.

I’ve decided after many years of longing, to go into teaching. Primary school teaching to be exact.

It was something I really wanted to do when I was younger. I even got offered a place on a course and turned it down to go travelling at 19.

So now mid 30s and I’ve decided to take the plunge. During my career as a HR professional in manufacturing, I’ve come across so many illiterate people. Somewhere down the line they were failed and I feel a great injustice for them. I want to make a positive change to peoples lives and hopefully the ripples will follow them on to adulthood.

I also, to be honest, fed up of rolling out redundancy strategy, feeling the weight of ending someones employment and being fully aware of their obligations at home financially.

Logistically I’ve been lucky to have been paid off my last job quite well to afford the career change and have a supportive family who are as excited as I am.

I was also lucky enough to spend one day a week in a school until covid hit and loved it. It was an inner city school in a deprived area and the children really channelled my preconceptions of what that would be like. It was brilliant.

So there you are. Looking into it today there is a ton of stuff I’ve forgotten so I’ve popped out to get a few books to at least my knowledge will be up to date. The more I know now, the less I will have to know when I’m overwhelmed in learning teaching. That’s my thoughts anyway.

Have any of you changed career later on in life? Were you as nervous and exhilarated as I feel?

Lots of Love

JS x

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10 thoughts on “Day 145 -A new path

  1. This is seriously exciting and I am delighted for you. I think going into teaching at a later stage is really positive because you bring a whole wealth of experience, skills and knowledge with you. I haven’t changed career but I drastically changed specialty about 18 years ago … completely new direction and it was completely new in many ways. Best thing I ever did. I’m so excited for you. Life is there for the taking xxxx

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    1. Thanks so much. It’s a bit daunting with all the work involved and not being a specialist in a field (in my company at least). But I loved the school and think in 5 years I’ll be more assured and confident loving it. Ooh what did you change from. You do childrens now right? Xxx

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      1. Yep. I do some adult work now because my specialism is cleft palate and speech difficulties related to palate dysfunction. Because we cover the whole West Midlands region and some of Wales we see everyone from baby to 16 and also have an adult service. It’s very specific to speech but I used to specialise in preschoolers with special needs and more specifically autism. I love cleft work though.

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  2. That is so amazing you know what you want to do and are set on the path! Plus, it’s a great job to have the teacher’s schedule when you have kids yourself. You probably already know I’m in a career change phase, but with little idea of what I actually want to do!! I’m supposed to be figuring that out during the pandemic….HAhahhaa. My major was in Industrial Engineering, hated my first job out of college, took a more general office job because it was convenient, ended up hating that too, quit when I had my first – almost 10 years ago!

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  3. My friend is in HR and she sounds like you. It’s a tough area when things are not going well.
    I think teachers must have a lot of patience. I don’t think I would be good at it. A good teacher is a gift.

    I’m excited for you. I have worked for the same company, doing a forethought positions, for 25 years. Sometimes I wish I had made a real change along the way…but financial security won out. And then I got divorced, and I decided to stay in the house to keep consistency for the kids, so I stayed.

    On the plus side I can retire in 6 years. Lol. Of course, who knows what life changing things will happened between now and then?!


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    1. Just think you’ve got less of time to retirement than you’ve been sober. Isnt that amazing. I think working for the same company shows great loyalty. It’s great you’ve been able to move around with them ♡

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    2. Yay for early retirement! Personal finance and helping people improve their lives are two of my main interests. I am volunteering this tax season with a non-profit that helps lower income people get their tax refunds and figure out the best savings plan for them. Hubs and I are currently working on our optimistic 10 year plan for when the kids are out of the house.

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