Day 146 – Nearly 5 months

Thanks everyone for their kind comments regarding the career change. One minute I’m wildly optimistic and excited. The next I’m having a wobble and quaking in my boots (today is the later). Just keep telling myself baby steps, break it down to easy steps. Then hopefully before I know it, I’ve baby stepped through a PGCE course and a NQT year.

Today I’ve wrapped and delivered my families presents to my mums. We’ve popped out to our local high street to order our xmas cheese at my favourite deli and sat in the cold, winter sunshine on a bench with a hot chocolate, trying to keep away from the crowds. We people and pigeon watched.

Then BB had a go on the swing and back we came to continue to wrap and bake bread.

I’m not usually this organised with present wrapping, however, we’ve been informed there’s a covid case in my step daughters class ar school. She’s currently at her mums, where I think she should stay to reduce potential transmission. However, her mum is too busy and important at work to possibly be able to home school so she’s coming to us from Wednesday to ride out the rest of isolation. I’m so mad it actually made me lose my temper. That her job is more important than my families safety.

My husband pointed out about the transmission and said we could have her extra after, but she quoted the custody agreement at us and how buffoon boris stated it doesnt affect the custody agreement so there we go.

I know I shouldn’t look forward and plan anything but I know its sods law she gets it. Then we’re all isolating up until xmas. Therefore, I thought if the presents are all distributed it’s one less thing to worry about.

I desperately need to do yoga, I’ve not done any yet in December. I know I’ll feel better and it will steady my mind. Kneading the cr@p out of the bread sure felt good tho.

So Happy Sober Saturday. How are we all?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

7 thoughts on “Day 146 – Nearly 5 months

  1. Hug
    My Saturday is going ok. I need put up my Christmas lights, but I’m watching a football game first. It’s warm here, plus 7 C, which is amazing as -20 or even -40 wouldn’t be unheard of in December.

    I hope your stepdaughter doesn’t have covid. It is a scary time…
    Custody is a complicated thing.

    Take care

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  2. Gahhhh fucking covid. Makes everything so stressful. Spread between kids at school and then to parents has been shown to be very low though, if that gives any comfort. (I’d still be so mad her mum didn’t keep her though).
    Saturday is good here. I’m getting my internet fix in the 10 minutes of peace and quiet while hubs goes to pick up a pizza, then we are finishing Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix – the first half was quite entertaining, but not nearly as comprehensive a cultural commentary as the book which I read and really liked. Happily Sober!!!

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  3. Very impressed by the Xmas presents – I’ve not bought a single present yet! Also the career change – good for you! My eldest is a primary school teacher – she loves it but it’s really hard work and way more hours than she’s actually paid for. Covid isolations just before the holidays are so stressful – I hope SD doesn’t have it. Bread making is part of my weekends too now – it’s so satisfying isn’t it? I just need to make time to write again – I’m missing it! 💞💞xx

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