Day 151 –

My SD came early this morning and the house feels so much more alive having her here. Thankfully her test came back negative, she’s just got a nasty viral infection and cough.

She loves the Xmas tree and loves that BB is now saying mama, dadda and cat. She’s desperately trying to teach her to say her name, to little success.

The cat also loves the Xmas tree and has gone in head first a few times to explore. I had to pick him quickly up the first time and now I only have to say his name and he skitters off.

In other news, my husband took BB out with him to collect my SD which meant I had an hour to myself this morning. I’m wearing mascara and have straighten hair for the first time in forever. He doubled looked when he came in.

In 2 days I’ll hit the 5 month mark. I can’t believe I’ve got there to be honest. Some bits have felt fluid and easy, others have felt like I’m hanging on with my teeth.

Part of me wishes I could go back and do it all again. I look back to the walk I took by myself in the Lake district when I was really struggling. I wish I could give me a hug and tell myself it’s all worth it. Life is so much calmer, water has finally found its level.

I’m celebrating 5 months, by getting my hair done. Then I’m going to either order or cook some delicious food for my husband and I and make a hot chocolate.

I can’t wait.

How did you celebrate milestones?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

12 thoughts on “Day 151 –

  1. Congratulations – you certainly deserve a haircut and to pamper yourself a bit! I bought myself a watch when I got to one year, which cost much less than the £2000 I calculated I had saved by not drinking 😅

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  2. I have a charm bracelet and I collect numbers and my words of the year.
    Wanting to give yourself a hug is such a self compassionate thought. That is the gift of sobriety. A shift from blaming ourselves that we are weak and drinking, to recognizing that we were actually suffering.

    Embrace this Christmas. It looks to be quieter and less busy for all of us. That is a gift.

    I get my hair blown dried every week. It is my ongoing sobriety gift to me. It makes me feel good about myself and Iove my stylist! She held my hand throughout my divorce drama. That’s better than any therapist!


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  3. Just catching up on all your covid drama – ieieieee so stressful, glad she’s negative and everything’s settled down. Yes I associate x-mas with drinking very much, it is the only time during the year I’d have a hot chocolate with bourbon and peppermint. In a twisted way it is a relief I won’t be going to my mom’s this year because I’d have a VERY hard time not drinking on x-mas with my family. I keep repeating Anne’s wisdom that “sobriety is a gift I am giving to myself” this year.

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  4. I too wish I could go back and hug myself months ago and just show myself compassion. This is hard work! I’m at 44 days today and am told that 6 months is when things really start to shine. I look forward to hearing your experience as you approach that milestone!

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  5. This is great news and I’m glad things worked out for you as a family. For sure, being kind to yourself is so important. I find Christmas very tricky I have to be honest. It was a big time for drinking for me and I am actually relieved that the pressures socialise this year has been removed …. it was exhausting to remain sober last Christmas. I think the boys growing up is more apparent as each Christmas approaches and I find that so hard to face and think about. I actually feel now that at least I make the most of these years when they are at home and still love the presents and excitement, by being sober and present for it. Not hung over Xmas morning, feeling crap and dreading the day ahead! Xxx

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      1. One Boxing Day we had to drive to see the in laws in Liverpool. I had drunk so much Xmas day I could barely speak by 8pm and ended up going to bed at 8.30, passing out and all our guests were still here! I could barely get myself together the next morning. We drove 10 minutes down the road and my husband had to pull over for me to be sick, in from of the boys!!! I am so ashamed to admit it now. I don’t feel like I am the same person. Xxx

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      2. Christmas time two years ago I lay on the bathroom floor semi naked, in a star fish shape. Leaning up occasionally to be sick down the toilet. I stayed there all morning. My hubby told my SD I was practicing being a xmas angel and that’s why I was in a star fish shape 😂. I’m so ashamed (but also can see the funny side now). Like you said it’s like a different life time xxxx

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