Day 154 – Dreary Sundays

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s quite delightful”.

That pretty much sums up today. Earlier I ran 3 miles in sleet and loved it. I’m definitely a winter runner, love the feeling of the rain pelting my face.

Talking of running, my running friend went to our cheese and wine deli to give her Xmas wine order in. The lovely guy who owned it asked how I was and she told him I was sober. Apparently he is “shook”. It really made me laugh and feel proud. But also it’s a stark reminder of how drinking was associated with me.

I wonder what new associations are going to go hand in hand with me?

I’m hoping (and trying to practice) kindness, good mummy skills and happiness. I read somewhere people can either be radiators (and glow warmth) or be drains (go figure) and I’m hoping to be a radiator. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I was a drain before. Draining drinks and draining peoples good feelings with drama, misery and worry.

My SD was upset today she was going back to her mums. She said she loved baking every day (scraping and licking the bowl) and doing a morning of school work then a film in BBs nap time. I know her mum is struggling with her high powered job and home schooling, so I messaged to see if we could have her an extra day.

She came back quickly with yes, so we’ve got another day together tomorrow. In the summer this would’ve never happened, I feel like we’ve come a long way. Although I’m sure there’s plenty more bumps in the road to be had.

So that’s Sunday. I’m curled up reading Virgin River for the 3rd time (does anyone else reread time and time again the same books they love?). BB is napping. We’ve just shared a piece of chocolate cake that we made yesterday and taken some over to our lovely neighbours.

Inside really is delightful.


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

11 thoughts on “Day 154 – Dreary Sundays

  1. I definitely re-read books I love. On this one thing, I’m grateful for my terrible memory for details. The books are always just as wonderful the second or third time around! So glad things are going so well for you. Hugs!

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  2. I love re reading books. There is always some news bit to find. I also find now that I need familiarity.
    Your relationship with your SD is truly beautiful. It must be tough to be a kid alone with a busy parent. To have a bonus parent who sees you and interacts with you must really be a bright spot in her life.

    I have always tried very hard to make sure my kids know they are important parts of my life. For many years we had a live in nanny. Even then I tried to take them to school when I could. I reduced my hours to partial and was able to be involved a lot. Having the nanny there for support (and to do all the housework and cooking) was really helpful, as my ex was pretty useless. Plus, she was a kind older Filipino woman who never had kids and was supporting her extended family. It was a win win.

    That said, I relish every moment of working and schooling from home. This is all bonus time with kids who are almost grown up!


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    1. I bet it feels lovely, especially with them almost grown up. A time to strengthen even the strongest of bonds. I’m so glad it’s not just me, absolutely love rereading. I’ve got about 5 books I’ll never give away bc I read them at least once a year. ♡♡♡

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  3. Lovely post. How far you have come building that special relationship with your SD. It’s amazing. These are memories you’ll both cherish for the longest time. I can tell you are 100% a radiator my friend! I have no doubt about that xx

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  4. I loved reading this post. I smiled when you were talking about your SD wanting to stay longer and another night was a go. Such a special relationship you have with her. ❤️ congratulations on 5months! That’s awesome!!

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