Day 160 – Baking Cookies

So yesterday we logged on to the class interactive teaching tool to see what lessons were planned for that day.

The teacher had “kindly” said “have fun” and then left a list of fun activities for them to try. I read the list (watch a movie, bake cookies, have a dance party, get outside) and felt my inner voice scream loudly.

At around about the same time, my SDs mum uploaded on her social media, you didnt know the struggle until you home schooled for 2 weeks as a working single mother. It took all my self control not to point out she had done 3.5 days out of the 10.

Anyway, a lovely blogger Ingrid, had uploaded some honey cookies to make. I think they were Slovenian. So I mixed up the dough and let it rest whilst BB and my SD watched the horror that is Arthur Christmas.

We then had fun making shapes in the dough and I loved guiding BB in trying to make shapes. She ate way more but we managed to get a heart shaped cookie out.

As BB napped, I painted my SD nails and we decorated the cookies. She had a festive hot chocolate and snuggled down to watch another xmas film.

A wet dreary home schooling day actually turned out to be rather lovely. When her dad finished work, we played our favourite xmas songs with just the Xmas lights on and danced and laughed.

I read once children don’t remember the presents we brought them, but they remember the traditions, the smells, the lights, their feelings at the time.

I know this is true in my experience and I really hope my SD and BB remember like this too. This week our home has smelt of cookies, we’ve laughed whilst dancing, watching films and baking, snuggled up all cosy in the warm glow of the lights.

We’re not the richest of people, in fact we’ve really saved just to buy the girls gifts this year. But I’m hoping this is actually the gift that they’ll remember in years to come.

Happy sober Saturday


JS xxx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

22 thoughts on “Day 160 – Baking Cookies

  1. That’s so beautiful! I’m thrilled that you made the cookies and this provided a memorable family Christmas activity 😊 I have been baking up a storm this sober Christmas, just need to make sure I don’t burn myself out…

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  2. Those girls are growing up in the richest of environments! Well done for not responding to this ridiculous social media comment … which is quite clearly attention seeking behaviour on her part. You turned what could have been a very miserable, stressful day, into a wonderful, fun memory for your family of four. Keep that sealed in your hearts ♥️

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      1. Lol! Well, I’ve tackled s’mores this week- using the oven broiler. There’s really no way to mess that one up (except burning them I guess). It is the perfect level of baking challenge for me! Lol.

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  3. That sounds so lovely. You always have activities planned. I wish I had had a mom like you…

    I have to say, the ex is just trying to soothe her own guilty conscience. Just smile and nod. You know the truth.

    Love it all.

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    1. Thanks Anne. I’ve noticed if we have at least one activity planned, even if it’s just a walk, we get on so much better. So it really pays to put the time in. And your comment really touched me thank you ♡♡

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