Day 172 – Replenish

I’ve been thinking a lot about new years, the turn of not only a new year but a new decade. Thinking about resolutions that have come before. Ones that were successful and ones not so much. I’ve read peoples blogs, listened to what friends and family are doing, looked inwards.

There’s 2 that keep coming back to me (3 of you count sobriety, oh and 4 if you count sorting out binge eating). These are a word for the year, which the lovely Anne at ainsobriety has followed and the happiness project picking a new project each month.

I’ve been wondering is there a way of combining the two. If they could compliment each other? I’ve decided to give it ago.

Therefore (imaginary drum roll please), my word of the year is going to be…


To do this I’m going to pick an activity, goal or project each month to try and enhance my word. If all else fails I think the worst thing that could happen is I’ll have fun trying.

During a walk around a beautiful National Trust property yesterday I began to think of this in earnest. After playing round with different words of the year, replenish kept appearing in my mind.

I’ve drained my body with binges (and purging in the past), poisoned it with toxins drinking way too much alcohol, neglected my skin, dehydrated my body, not exercised, berated myself in my head, ate food full of additives. What would happen if I started replenishing myself?

If I started eating in an orderly fashion, healthy, wholesome foods? If I stayed sober? If I followed a proper skincare routine? Drank enough water? Got enough sleep? Exercised regularly? Tried to banish toxic thoughts and think kindly of myself? What would happen?

I plan to find out with the resolution to replenish my body and mind.

So starting from tomorrow I’m going to start a proper skincare routine (got given the brilliant Caroline Hirons book for Xmas). I plan to do 30 days of yoga. I’m aiming to drink 3ls of water a day. I’ve got my food diary ready for orderly eating (I call my binging disorderly so when I eat normally I call it orderly- I’m not sure if there’s a medical word for it).

So those are my 4 things in Jan


• Drinking Water

• 30 days of Yoga

• Diarising my food, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’d love to hear what your resolutions are or any fun NYE plans. We’re aiming to eat Indian food and have an early one.

Lots of Love and a Happy New Year

JS & BB xxx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

25 thoughts on “Day 172 – Replenish

  1. Love that word Replenish, JS. Your resolutions sound perfect and I’ll cheer you on my friend! Also, thanks for sharing the property pics. I love old buildings, so much character. A happy new year to you and your family😊❤️

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    1. Happy New Year to you and yours too Dwight. We’re lucky to have tons of old buildings in the UK which are really well looked after. One of my favourite past times before the virus (and kids) was wandering round them soaking up the history. This one has a priest hole for when the soldiers were hunting the catholic priests in Elizabethan times. It’s amazing seeing the history ♡♡

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  2. Happy New Year!!! I’m so glad I’ve “met” you this year! Your word and resolutions so perfect, and oh so do-able. Tonight is our first kid-free night in over two weeks and we are feeling slightly less sick so that is good enough in itself. We will probably talk and make some fun plans for the future (rather than obsessing over our current covid situation which most conversations have revolved around lately….) and maybe even go sit in our neighbor’s hot tub. My other grand plan for today involves shaving my legs, etc., which has not been done for weeks, HAHA so that’ll feel good!

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    1. Omg once again our lives have twinned. I did mine today and nearly blocked up the plug hole 😂. Glad we’ve met too. Thank you for all your encourage and support this year ♡♡ so glad you’re feeling a bit better xx

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  3. This sounds perfect. I was planning something similar for January. Yoga every day and no added sugar, plus one item every day from my long “to do” list. Hugs!


  4. I love replenish. I think that is a perfect intention. It allows for for and take, and will inspire you to make nurturing choices!
    I look forward to your monthly interest. I might steal this and try to find my own monthly focus! I do find I have a lot of spare time!

    Happy new year! It is 9:30 pm here and I am watching basketball and waiting to see the ball drop in New York. I’m not sure I will make it to midnight! Lol

    Stillness and peace

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    1. Happy new year to you too. Thanks for all your support and guidance in 2020. I wouldnt be where I am without it. Wishing you stillness and peace for 2021 xxx (ps its nearly 730am here, we’ve been up since 6 with BB) xx

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    1. I also meant to say, I’ve still been reading your blog and I’m sorry to hear about your painful knee. For some reason it keeps asking me to log in when I try and leave a comment, then I cant work it out. Hope you feel better soon ♡♡

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      1. Thank you! One of my plug-ins went haywire and it messed with all the settings. I’ll check it out again. Xx

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