Day 174 – Insta and Yoga

Day 2 of replenish and it’s going well. I’ve done yoga last night and in BBs nap time today. I’m following a skincare routine and hiding from my husband the new products that are turning up with alarming frequency from the postman.

I’m drinking water. I’m eating mindfully my 2 snacks and 3 meals. I’m currently not doing portion control, but noticing already that when I allow myself to eat without restriction at meal times it sort of rights itself out.

I really enjoyed yoga last night, it felt returning to an old friends embrace, today however wasn’t as easy and I fidgeted through a practice. I’m still proud of myself for showing up.

I’ve started to follow sober accounts on instagram and felt quite overwhelmed on how clicky it appears and if I’m honest a little bit fake. It appears all sparkles and rainbows when in fact we all know it’s quite a struggle at times.

2 people happened to be in the sober community that I sort of know, using the word know very loosely. Someone I went to school with but wasn’t in any classes and in the opposite side of the year and another who I used to see out and about the local area.

Both people I’ve reached out to and congratulated them on their sobriety. I’ve shared I’m recently sober and it would be lovely to have a local sober connection. It took a lot of guts since I’m quite private (in real life) and some of my friends aren’t even aware that I’ve quit (thank you lockdown).

One of them said thanks but that was it and I felt a bit silly for messaging in the first place. The other completely ignored me then posted a few days later how they were always here for people in the sober community. That followers should reach out and send them a message if they were starting their journey or struggling. The insincerity of this statement really annoyed me.

Both these people have now become friends on instagram and seem to hang out in real life as much as the restrictions allow. They post over other sober accounts I follow and there seems to be a big click.

For some reason I feel like the kid at school, desperate to be picked but lurking on the sidelines not fitting in. And it sucks.

I’m now thinking of creating a private sober account on Instagram for anyone who does want to reach out. In case there’s another me out there that feels a bit rejected and maybe link it to this account. I dont think I’d be gushing over others sober accounts it will be a more quiet affair.

But also not sure if there’s not much point? Like I’d be so embarrassed if my husband or husbands ex wife ever found this blog or old friends/colleagues.

So those are my thoughts today.

Hope you’re all staying happy and healthy



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

33 thoughts on “Day 174 – Insta and Yoga

  1. I have two insta accounts. My personal one and my sobriety one. I don’t really use either much though. I came off Facebook a year ago and never missed it. Occasionally I’ll check in on Instagram. I find I get annoyed and wound up by FB and Insta and it doesn’t do me any favours. I’m happy with the WP gang for my sobriety support (and support for so many other things). Too many ‘mean girls’ in the other social media worlds!! ❤️❤️

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      1. I absolutely hate the ‘mean girl’ thing. It’s a huge anxiety trigger for me and when I was drinking I really over reacted to it. I feel much better now without alcohol, no face book and knowing that it’s not worth having people like that in your life. You don’t need it and their behaviour says far more about them than you! Xxx

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  2. I don’t post a lot about sobriety on Instagram – I did a post at one year because I thought it might help others but if people are offering to ‘be there’ they should be sincere! If you ever need to talk sobriety you can always email me 😊

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  3. We three can be our own clique and we are so much better than those other ones. Why? Because it has the three of us and nobody can be awesomer than we three sober muskateers. Mwah! I have begun mention it to people that I have quit and I get a lot of ‘on purpose?’ And I honestly say I have a problem. I do not know how to stop. So it is by far better that I just do not drink. At all. Ever. And mean women are just mean girls who never got over themselves.

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  4. In my opinion you should not bother with these woman. And if you feel stressed over it I would not stay on Instagram either. Facebook is the same way. People put up the wonderful things going on in their lives. You don’t see the raw and real. I got off Facebook quite a few years ago. I found I got annoyed by people’s comments and posts. I decided I needed peace in my life, not aggravation. You have a fairly new marriage and a young family. That should be your focus. Life goes by way too quickly. You have such a great support system here. Happy peaceful New Year!!

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    1. Thanks so much, that’s really kind. I’m going to set up a separate account maybe or stick just to this. I’m still in the closet on my personal insta and not comfortable yet in mixing the two xx

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  5. Sounds really insincere and mean girls – def not worth your support! I don’t really do Insta – too old to get it! My sober school group is on FB and I’ve a DGS Twitter that tweets this blog -( there’s some lovely people there including Wendy!) but here is really the only place I share and interact with other sober and wannabe sober folk – I don’t have one in real life apart from C though I do have some friends who don’t drink that much – maybe when we can socialise again it would be good to find? Not thought of it til reading this – well done on the yoga too! My reset starts Monday! 💞💞

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    1. That’s what I was thinking of. I live close to Claire in the Midlands so we’ve already said when restrictions ease we will meet. Just thought it would be lovely to have sober connections close by as all my friends are big drinkers ♡♡ enjoy monday ♡♡

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  6. Hey, JS. I’m on IG (@gr8ful_collette) and am part of the sober community. I’d love to follow/support you. My account is private so I can control who sees it. Then I have a FB account for all the old relatives/co-workers who I don’t feel the need to let into my sober journey. IG has all kinds. It helped me when I first quit, as I didn’t do the AA thing. Then I started my blog and found this lovely community. I use both for support and feel they are good places to visit to keep me motivated and connected. Xx

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    1. Thanks Collette. I’m thinking of setting up a separate one away from my personal one and if I do I’ll definitely follow you. Really appreciate your support. This is a lovely place to connect too xxx

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  7. Sober mean girls! That’s so ridiculous that those two women would react that way. I thought we left that cliquey thing behind in high school. You are awesome. Don’t mind the jerks. 💕

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  8. Hug
    Don’t let that little voice convince you that you dint belong. You do.
    I have felt similar over the years. And sometimes jealous of other sober bloggers success, or other yoga teachers. Not that I actually am trying to promote myself, lol. It’s all comparison being the thief of happiness.

    You did a huge thing reaching out! Yay you!


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  9. Mean girls!
    I am on Instagram!!
    You can find me.
    I just post photos.
    I found some “popular” sober people don’t give me the time of day! Lol
    I’m too old for that crap!
    Love me or leave me!
    Find YOUR WAY!
    It might be little and that’s ok!

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  10. wow..that had to suck..i dont do IG so not really aware of that community. Fb was not too bad when i posted about sobriety. I got a lot of good feed back and no one was rude or insincere. That being said, i am ( or was for years) deeply entrenched in the arts community and there is much toxicity in general..alcoholics and addicts are when one of us does get clean it’s a big deal.On the other hand i was slightly dismayed that the support is all at once and no one really seems to care afterwards…thats how i came to blogging..more sincere and honest support here. It’s truly the biggest factor in my recovery journey.

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