Day 196- The Golden Hours

Whilst every hour is 60 minutes (unless you’re working a god awful job then every hour feels like a 1,000), there are some hours that are golden.

I was lucky enough to have not one but two today.

My daughter (BB) is 15 months and struggling with her teeth terribly at the moment. When it came to nap time this afternoon she just didnt want to nap and wanted to be held.

This almost never happens. She’s so independent, just getting a cuddle is a struggle. So we settled down on our bed and I told her 2 stories I knew off by heart (gruffalo and gruffalos child).

As I got to the end of the second story I felt her breathing slow and soften. Her body went heavy and we snuggled into the cuddle.

We sat like this for just over 2 hours. I lent back on my bed and just cuddled her. With no phone or book I sat listening to her snuffles, watching her hands move in her dreams.

It was perfect. My mind wandered during these golden hours whilst enjoying the cuddle. I felt so lucky, so aware of this moment but also daydreaming away with the fairies letting my mind wander for the first time in months.

At the end of the nap, she awoke groggy and furious. Pushing herself off me to be independent again. It made me smile as this is her all over. Independent, strong minded, but when it comes to it, needing comfort from her mama.

Happy sober Sunday


JS xx

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

17 thoughts on “Day 196- The Golden Hours

  1. Sounds lovely. I wasn’t a drinker when my children were that age but in all honesty I didn’t have the time to share with them like that. You are truly a lucky mama, deservedly so. Maybe this is the blessing of COVID lockdowns. It allows people to slow down, catch the breathe and be still xxx

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  2. my mother says i was a child like this also..her quote was “hard to love”…it carried over into my teen years and even adulthood. I always look at it the way you describe it- independence. Thank goodness for every kind of child in this world. They all make up the future:) hugs!!

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  3. What a lovely post! When my girls were small I didn’t have a cell phone that went on the internet. My husband worked third shift and every night my girls cuddled/slept with me. They are 18months apart. Such memorable and lovely times. ❤️

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