Day 200 – The list

Today mark’s 200 days in my sobriety journey.

To be honest I can’t believe its come round so fast. The first 100 days stretched so long, especially the first 30 to 40 days. Then the last 200 have flown by.

Ive decided to do a list. A 40 things before I’m 40 list, to make the passing of time a little bit more special.

However I’ve not filled it completely yet so any suggestions are welcomed whole heartedly

Here they are:

1) Marathon or Tri sprint or sea swim race
2) Wean off social media
3) Complete my PGCE
4) Pass my NQT year
5) Find our forever home
6) Pay off student loan
7) Successfully break (or be well on the way to breaking) binge eating habits
8) Buy a wet suit and use it regularly
9) Do the Harry Potter tour
10) Visit Eftling with family
11) Have one sunny beach holiday abroad with my family
12) Stay sober
13) Get my 5km race time under 30 minutes
14) Get my 10km race time under 60 minutes
15) Visit a beautiful beach in the UK I’ve not visited before
16) Hike/climb helvellyn via striding edge
17) Hike/climb Snowdon
18) Do something good for someone who doesnt know how I am
19) Volunteer at a soup kitchen
20) Treat myself to an expensive accessory
21) Go coasteering
22) Ride a horse again on a trek like Ludlow, devon, Wales
23) Start riding a bike
24) Plan out our front garden
25) Become more environmentally sustainable
26) Sledging
27) Go camping
28) Canoe down the wye
29) Eat in a Michelin star restaurant
30) Go to the Tower of London
31) Explore Paris
32) Visit Hever castle
33) Visit Kenliworth castle
34) Try fondue
35) Do a swim trip somewhere
36) Learn about Tudor history (maybe short course).

In my heart I’d love to have on the list, move away to the country. It’s been a dream of mind for at least 10 years. Every time I’ve given it some serious consideration something’s happened (I got a promotion, my mother got sick, I met my husband).

Whilst I’d love to add it to the list I know in my heart of hearts it wouldn’t be possible under the current custody agreement with my step daughter. So hopefully it will feature on my before 50 list as she’ll just be going off to university.

Happy sober thursday everyone. Hope you’re all well. I’m currently hiding as my SD builds a bug hotel for school in our living room. Already dreading the cleaning up.


JS x

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

6 thoughts on “Day 200 – The list

  1. 200 days!!!! Fantastic, well done. Can I ask is your hubs abstaining now too? Because mine doesn’t want to anymore and I’m struggling with that :-/ Maybe it will get easier the more I practice….

    I love lists like these. Even if you don’t check them all off, it’s so interesting to look back in years to come and see where your head was at, how priorities may have shifted. That reminds me I want to do a “house projects to get done during pandemic winter while I’m not hungover” list. Ha, ha.

    #23 for sure. I have a clunky old 3 speed that I love just putzing around the city on. One of my dream vacations is to go to some of the most bike friendly European cities, I remember being SO impressed with the bike culture in Berlin.

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    1. Berlin’s amazing isnt it. We wandered round mesmerized for 4 days 2 years ago.
      My hubster isnt a big drinker which makes it loads easier. He has like one maybe once a month. He did a beer tasting thing a couple of fridays ago and before that hadnt drank since November. He’s just not bothered by it and can easily stop at one. He’s said he actually feels better too since I’ve stopped as I was tempting him constantly with more and he felt rubbish with hangovers a few times a week. It would be so much harder if he drank β™‘β™‘

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