Day 204 – hello February

New month. I can’t wait.

I already feel tons better than I did end of December. The yoga is becoming a daily habit and my early mornings are starting to feel sacred to my mental wellbeing for the rest of the day.

I’m also learning to adapt. This morning BB woke up at the same time as me, so my toddler had her first yoga practice alongside me. She was a big fan of the forward fold and the downward dog was apparently hilarious.

I’m enjoying the skincare routine, I’ve added a bath to my Friday night routine and I’m also loving it.

The husband also seems happier. He gets a lie in Monday to Friday and if I have time I pop him a coffee up. This small gesture has resulted in him being in a better mood. He now returns the favour on a Saturday morning and Friday he surprised me with a mint tea in the bath.

I’ve baked bread and gotten joy out of the simple kneading action. I’ve baked with my step daughter and delivered cakes to neighbours porches.

January was also stressful, but sobriety helped me through it. Normally old me would have drank through it. Woken up late, been hung over snappy, detached from BB and lost in my hungover thoughts. New me crawls around the floor mooing like a cow or neighing like a horse. I’m walking to the park every day and enjoying the fresh air.

I’ve binged in January, but I haven’t beaten myself up about it. I’ve recognised it is what it is and recovery is a slow process. I think my awareness is helping reduce the binges as well as having an eating schedule. I’m no longer having counselling and stepping out bravely into new eating habits.

So that was Jan. Excited to see what Feb will bring ♡


JS xx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

20 thoughts on “Day 204 – hello February

  1. Wow! We have very similar journeys! This is so helpful to read. I too have started a yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ routine, although nothing like what February will be. I printed out the “Bridge” series of Yoga with Adrienne. Do you know it?
    I’m nervous and excited to start something new and make it a routine. I also had to stop Weight Watchers to stay focused on Sobriety. But i think it will all pan out. I did not try a bath yet, but I did try a new skin care routine…so much that I became a Mary Kay consultant! Lol. Checking in once a week with my team has made me very accountable.

    Anyway, how many days are you??

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    1. Ooh never heard of Mary kay. I’m 204 days, how about you? Its lovely our journeys are close together. Ive not heard of that particular one, but did the 30 days breath journey and starting another 30 day one tomorrow ♡♡


      1. Ohhh! Really?? I can give you a catalog or you can go to my website!
        The skin set is UNREAL! It makes my skin glow and feel so smooth. But more like you…I like having the routine of it. Wow! I can’t wait till I can say 204! That’s incredible. Way to go. I’m day 43!!!! And it’s her next journey that I’m doing so maybe we are doing the same thing 😉


      2. This looks amazing. Best of luck to your business. I’m based in the UK and support a friend with a similar venture over here. Ahh thanks so much, day 43 is awesome. I found it started getting easier after 40 days. Oh that would be cool


      3. Wow! You’re in the UK?! That’s cool! Thats wonderful that you support your friend. It means a lot. And that’s good to hear! Lol


    1. It is. I actually love February as it’s my birthday month. I used to try and celebrate for a whole month but the hubby has managed to reduce it for a week to include pancake day and valentines too 🥰

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  2. Lovely post and I for some reason have forgotten baths! That sounds like a wonderful Friday night routine! I looked into your skin care line and I wish it was more available in my area. ( NY ) I do have to find an affordable yet good skin care line because I really feel I’ve lost that “glow” I used to have. I do really like my moisturizer though. On to February for sure! 😃


    1. It’s so hard to find an affordable one isnt it? I find some so so expensive and out of my league. I never realised you were in NY. What area? I used to work for 2 summers up in the Catskills and loved it


      1. That’s so funny! Yeah we drive 5hrs one way to my oldest college! She wants to come home for Valentines weekend so road trip we go! We have traveled miles for high school sports as well. We are on the outside of the Catskills to get to her college in Connecticut.

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  3. Positive January. I have stick with the skin care routine and I find it such a positive self care habit. You already know I love my yoga. I am now discovering new things about yoga. Yesterday I was able to relax into pigeon pose … I previously found this so difficult to do. I felt myself ‘letting go’ even when I thought I’d gone as far as I could. My body actually gave more. It’s a fascinating practice that’s for sure. Xx

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