Day 213 – Home Schooling trouble

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m over home schooling. I have everything crossed for 8th March the kids going back to school and BB and I having our lovely days back together.

My SD has told her mum it appears that I don’t sit with her during her school work. That she struggles so she watches the ipad instead.

How do I know this? Well my SD told me, mummy said I had to sit with her and help her with her maths and english today as they were really hard. When she said this I was confused. I normally go through the work with her whilst juggling a toddler, then depending on comprehension, I either continue to sit with her or set her off on the task. When she does work by herself, I check back regularly say every 5 minutes and she constantly comes to me every minute if she doesn’t get it.

I say to her I find this surprising since we always work on her work together. She said she knows but mummy gets confused. Oh and she might have told mummy she goes on the iPad (which is news to us). I’m so cross it’s unreal. I literally couldn’t try any harder.

I also feel pulled apart as when I sit with her my own child runs feral around rooms as she’s not getting any attention.

On a positive note our gorgeous rescue cat is currently being such a cuddle bear. Enjoying cuddles with him most evenings.

And breathe.

Still doing yoga, eaten healthy the last few days and walking daily.

How is everyone else?


JS xx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

21 thoughts on “Day 213 – Home Schooling trouble

  1. Just lower your expectations of yourself and stop caring what her mom thinks. My philosophy about the at home learning is that our happiness and health come first, and finishing assignments is way down on the priority list. I tell them to do what they can and not worry about the rest. They’re little, they will catch up. This model of learning is totally wack and neither kids nor adults should be expected to do it well.

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    1. This.

      My daughter did not attend grade7-9. She was depressed and anxious and rarely got to school.

      She is excelling in grade 10 now that she has embrace online learning.

      They learn the same thing a million times.

      Whatever kid says her mom says, you just remind her you are in your house and will do things your way. With a smile (swearing inside, lol).

      Everyone is muddling. You are doing a great job.


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      1. Thanks Anne. It’s lovely to hear your daughter has taken to home schooling. I think for some it’s a more supportive environment. You’re comment about swearing inside made me laugh. I went for a sweary stomp this evening. Came back to chaos. Bb had pooped in the bath over her big sister. My hubby was so stressed, “do you know how hard it is with 2”. It was the giggle I needed 😂

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    2. Thanks ♡♡♡ I’m not too fussed about her mum. I’m more mad she’s lied as I cant work out why. I’m the same, we try and do school work in the mornings then go the park to play in the afternoons


  2. That is so frustrating! Since I have a vast array of clients I see how much families are struggling with younger children. I sure feel for you! That would get me seeing red about her mom hearing that….but you are doing all you can do, and over and beyond! She’s lucky to have you!
    Your rescue cat is so stinkin’ cute!! ❤️

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  3. I am so over homeschooling too! And it looks like we are going to be doing it for another month. My kids are fed up with it and it’s very difficult to keep them motivated long enough to get the work done.
    That’s sounds very difficult, trying to homeschool and watch a toddler – you are a superwoman ! Give yourself a pat in the back 👏

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    1. Oh god are you in England too? Isn’t the unknowing the worst. And thanks, although tonight I took myself off for an hour to self care (hair dye and bath). I literally dumped the kids on my husband and ran😂


      1. I am in Ireland, we’re neighbours! I’m telling myself that we will be in lockdown until April, so that I am not utterly devastated if it doesn’t happen next month. Sometimes the only path to self-care is to dump the kids and run, good on you 👏👏🤣🤣

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      2. Thanks. We’d had a horror of the day yesterday. Love Ireland, beautiful country. My Dad was originally from Dublin and we (hubby not dad as that would be weird) got engaged at Giants Causeway. I’m telling myself 8th March. Expect tears if its April 😂

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  4. I can’t even imagine what anyone with kids is going through during all this- you’re all amazing to have continued on with changing your life in spite of it all. Your rescue kitty looks so content and pleased… looks like he gets lots of lovin’! ❤

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