Day 222 – Early Mornings and birthdays

I’m writing this in the inky blues of the first morning light of the day. I’m sat on my yoga mat, having just done my yoga practice for the day.

Yesterday I had the bestest birthday in my whole 37 years.

We literally just took BB to the park (my hubby booked the day off work). Wandered round getting some fresh and then came home and were all together.

Without being able to buy me drink, my friends were so kind and brought thoughtful little gifts. I had a pair of cute yoga socks, skincare products, and one friend really touched me. She knows my husband’s friends have quit their jobs (just as covid started unfortunately) to start an online gift company. They’ve been really struggling to get it off the ground. So she brought a gift box off them, including beautiful stationary for when I start my course. I thought it was lovely one friend was helping another friend when they’ve only met once at our wedding (the company is ooogifts if anyone is interested)

My hubby is always thoughtful with gifts, but he too really touched me. I was incredibly close to my Grandad as a child and he used to read us stories of Brer Rabbit on his old favourite rocking chair whilst secretly slipping us mints. We currently have the rocking chair at ours and a few weeks ago whilst reading BB the gruffalo on it, I told him about the stories.

He was surprised, he also remembered them from his childhood and reminded me of the baddy brer wolf. We laughed together and tried to recall some of the stories.

Well… he only brought the book with all the tales in. I was so flabbergasted and touched.

We spent some time in the afternoon with BB on the same rocking chair reading her the stories and reminiscing together. I’ll treasure this memory forever.

Last year, I literally got gin and wine off everyone. As well as cards about drinking, infact nearly every card had a reference. And whilst it was very nice wine and gin, I much prefer sober birthdays (although a year ago I’d have shuddered about spending a day like this).

One last thing that made it such a lovely day. Years ago at university I lived with a girl. We were tight for 2 years and then suddenly she just seemed disappeared.

We would invite her out and she’d never come. One night I’d travelled back to my university town to spend time with her and a mutual friend. I called her and text her on arrival and she never responded.

I was gutted and felt so rejected. I went out drinking with my other friend and remember sending a nasty message ending the friendship. I felt justified, angry and hurt. The next day I was still hurt but felt sad I’d lost my friend.

Anyway yesterday on my birthday she reached out. Sent me a lovely message after finding me on facebook. Apologised and explained she was in a domestic abuse relationship which took 5 years to escape.

I immediately responded and apologised too. Said I was too fiery back then, I never even realised and drank too much. That I was sorry for not realising or being a better friend to her. We chatted over messages over the day and we’re meeting up as soon as lockdown’s over.

It’s true. With each day that comes without alcohol, my world gets a little bit bigger.

Thanks for reading have a lovely friday.



Ps checkout the wishful quitter (I think that’s the right blog name) she’s just started her journey too and is lovely.

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

24 thoughts on “Day 222 – Early Mornings and birthdays

  1. Happy birthday!! This was so lovely to read, you inspire me to keep going after six months which is coming up , I’m questioning each day what to do when I hit the target …I’ll be back for more inspiration (your hubby sounds amazing)


  2. Well what a fabulous post to read with my morning coffee. I’m so glad you had a great birthday. I found my birthday was one of may favourites last year. No expectations … just quiet and calm. Such lovely thoughtful gifts. You’ll remember that book and that birthday for ever. And how lovely your friend reached out and you were in a place where you responded with kindness and love. Things are often not as they seem. I’ll check out the blog too. Xxx

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  3. Happy birthday, it was mine last Friday. I had a lovely day but it still involved drink. I got a card with a sloth and a glass of wine saying Angela’s face mask, available in white. It hurt but it’s my fault because I’m still drinking.

    Anyway lovely post and the book and chair sound wonderful xx

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    1. Happy birthday πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— hope you had a lovely day celebrating.
      If it helps. That happened to me last birthday, every card was about getting sloshed. There was one of those old 1950s ones with a woman lying passed out and I remember it making me cringe. Always here for you Angela xx


  4. What a fabulous post to read! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love all the thoughtfulness for your birthday. Those things mean so much. I am so happy for you! My hubby isn’t too good at gifts. For my birthday in January he asked me what I wanted. I said an over the should purse. I am so sick of my purse sliding down my arm when getting groceries and such. I picked it out, but I do love it! We got into a tiff the other night ( the one I blogged about ) and he felt bad so brought me home m&m’s. He said he heard me say I wanted some. I really appreciated that and it meant a lot….although I said I wanted to try the caramel m&m’s. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I won’t tell him that thought due to its insignificant. Anyway, I’m rambling but again so happy for you and hard work is really paying off in all aspects! ❀️

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  5. I am so glad to hear you had a perfect birthday. How lovely to have a new birthday memory you won’t want to forget! Such thoughtful presents too. And thanks for the shoutout, I appreciate any support I can get πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Œxxxx

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