Day 223 – A little bit

So I’ve decided to do a little bit of something each day to gain a sense of achievement in these groundhog day times.

It could be house and garden related or myself, as long as I ticked a small task off each day. After deciding this, I suddenly felt full of energy and good intentions.

Yesterday after posting I went in the garden and weeded and pruned for an hour. I enjoyed the wind and rain on my face and I was surprised how much satisfaction I got from clearing a small plot. When coming back into the house I stomped my muddy boots on the mat and my hubby teased me that I had bright pink cheeks and shiny eyes.

I then enjoyed a bubble bath when BB was in bed using a birthday bath bomb.

Today I’ve sorted out the porch and moved BBs buggy to another spot. I enjoyed getting creative with the small space and playing with different set ups. Now it feels like I’ve finally reclaimed it as a grown up spot, fighting the ever consuming battle of plastic toys and chalks.

I’ve also completed the “horse walk” with my step daughter and for self care I’ve dyed my greying eyebrows and tried to perm my lashes for the first time (surprisingly ok).

I’ve also got some rather lovely news. You know how the universe works in strange ways. Well on Wenesday during our weekly walk my neighbour who I’m close to confided they were looking at adopting a cat to join their family.

Today my sister text saying her girlfriends grandfather had passed away and they were looking at finding a family to adopt his cat “Penguin”. I put her in with my neighbour and Penguin is joining their new family tomorrow lunch time. My neighbours boys are so excited, they’ve wrote a list and she’s currently at the pet shop buying new toys to settle Penguin in.

So that’s my sober rainy Saturday. How are you all?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

14 thoughts on “Day 223 – A little bit

  1. Hahahaaa WHAT is perming your eyebrows I have never heard of that??!!
    Being productive in small ways helps me feel so much better also. We are still trying to furnish / organize / even hang art in the house we bought 1.5 years ago so there is a lot to do!
    Saturday is wonderful here. So happy I am not drinking. We are celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday with an ice skating party at the park – it’s 25 F which is warmer that it’s been in weeks, sun is out, very excited to see a bunch of friends.


    1. Happy 10th birthday to your daughter. What a lovely way to celebrate. Perming your lashes is so they curl up. I’ve got long lashes but they’re straight so you cant really see them, it frames your eye nicely. I hope I’ve explained that right lol

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  2. I’ve had my eyelashes “permed” at the salon, but not at home. I’d be scared of blinding myself! Lol
    It was nice, but I just can’t be bothered. Maybe nearing 50 has made me curmudgeonly! Lol

    Yay for penguin. You did a nice thing there.

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    1. Thanks, we’re all so excited for him to come. We live down a little path with no cars, there’s about 6 houses and all the neighbours are really close. Even closer since covid. So its like everyone’s excited and awaiting her royal arrival down the path. We will all be waving from the windows 😂

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  3. That’s a great idea! There’s a real sense of achievement and pride when we work on a space and make it our own. I think that’s why I like gardening. It’s supposed to be a form of mindfulness as well apparently. Your porch looks very cherry!

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  4. Lovely pic of your plants and Penguin…. and I must say I’ve never heard of perming eyelashes! I’m trying to get an image in my mind of what that would look like… hmmm. Seems scary! What an encouraging and uplifting post JS…pink cheeks, bright eyes, more energy and purpose, a bubbly bath and new curly eyelashes!!! Isn’t it great to be sober?💜


  5. I love your plants! I want to get more. I’ve always had an aloe plant and was just given paperwhites, they are related to daffodils I believe. I like having them bloom this past week.
    Very happy news for Penguin and so exciting you were the catalyst for his new home. So sweet!

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    1. I bet they look beautiful 🥰. I had all these scattered all over my home and I kept forgetting to water them. So I really like them all together too. And thanks. Penguin seems really happy, slept on their beds last night and the 2 teenage boys seem besotted with her. Fingers crossed it continues

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      1. I would totally get a cat but me and my 16 yr old are both allergic. I work for people that have cats and I seem okay for the duration I am cleaning their homes but I know if I brought one home it would be too much. Such a bummer because I love cats!!

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