Day 229 – Big Fat Cravings

I’m suffering from big, fat, mouth watering cravings tonight.

I know what’s causing it. I’ve had a rubbish week, banging head ache for 2 days, rushed yoga practice, little time to myself and my step daughter really grating.

This evening, I ran (read waddled) with my lovely mummy friend. We went around a local village where she lives. The air was fresh, it had that spring feel to it. The sun seemed to be setting on one side and the full moon on the other. Lots of people were out walking too.

The route took us through the centre of the village with lots of little bars, cafes and a pub (all shut).

There was something about the vibe, the lighter, warmer night that made me reminisce about other spring nights. Wandering to the pub pre children, celebrating the end of a working week, relaxing, having a few too many drinks and wandering back with beer coats on.

The strongest craving since sober time began hit me. We finished at my friends house and I drove home.

I could feel the feeling in my mouth, the twisty gut, the pure focus. All I want is fizz. A nice clean crisp glass of fizz.

I got home. Discussed with the husband. He’s been lovely and supportive as usual.

I had a big mouthful of nutella and now we’ve ordered pizza.

I think the trigger came from one the spring nights and two the fact I was starving, I hadnt eaten since noon and it was now 7pm.

I feel ok about ordering pizza. It’s the lesser of 2 evils. One pizza isn’t going to start a massive binge. It isn’t going to open a bottle and lead me down the rabbit hole.

So that’s where I am today.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely Friday

Lots of Love

JS xx

Published by lifesippingaway

36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

22 thoughts on “Day 229 – Big Fat Cravings

  1. I am dreading the nice weather for that reason – lots of barbecues, backyards, beer and rosé. My hubbie cooked dinner this evening and I thought how nice it would be to have a glass of red with it. Well done on getting past the craving. Pizza was a great idea!

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  2. Oh, I understand.
    When we are able to gather with friends outside again, I know I might have a wish I could drink moment.
    But, you got through it!
    You got pizza, I got ice cream!
    And there is still snow and it’s cold here! Lol

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  3. I totally get this. I love it when the weather starts to change but it does bring more situations that trigger those old memories and cravings. I have reached for my chocolate and crisps again this evening. It’s definitely psychological … a need to ‘treat’ myself maybe. Well done, you survived it. And good in supportive hubbie too. Mine often says, if you want one have it but maybe sleep on it rather than knee jerk … then I wake in the morning and thank God I didn’t touch it. Have a good sleep, hope those headaches ease soon xxx

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  4. Yes there is something about the warm weather that feels “celebratory” and that in itself is triggering.
    BUT – you know what – lovely summer weather hangovers were always when I felt most mad at myself because I had then “wasted” a gorgeous day feeling icky from beers the night before :-/

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  5. Yes to all of this and I’m so glad you have such a supportive hubby! I do as well and it really helps! Great job on ordering in a pizza instead! The nice weather sure does make it harder to resist for me as well. When I’m hungry I can’t even think straight. My girls got me a shirt that says hangry on it. 😂 I love to cook on the grill and I know when the weather allows me to do that again that will be a trigger moment for me. Definitely will need a N/A substitute when I start that up again! Love all your cat photo’s!! 😍


    1. Thanks, he’s such a cutie. I bet the grill will be hard. I’m dreading our first BBQ here where there’s beer a plenty. Still really fancied a drink today so had some chocolate and cheese cake 😂😂

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