Day 242 – 5am wake ups

Today my little munchable BB woke us all up at 5am. The whole house.

So my hubster and I tagged teamed getting the children up and had our showers. By this point it was 6am.

Between 6am and 8am before my step daughter left for school, I’d made a pasta bake for BBs lunch and homemade cheese and broccoli scones. My step daughter was delighted to take them to school for her snack and I felt proud and happy too.

A year a go a morning like this would’ve killed me. My husband and I would’ve argued, resented each other and been snappy with the kids.

Nothing has changed apart from the fact I’m sober. Instead of it being a rubbish, tiring morning, I felt accomplished, proud to be sending my SD off with something I baked and full of love towards the hubby.

On his way home from the school run my hubby picked up some tulips to surprise me with. He never would’ve done that a year ago either. He said he just wanted to do something nice for the effort I’d put in.

I’m not saying going sober is all sunshine and tulips. It’s not. It’s bloody hard work. Some days you want to curl up in a ball and cry.

But 9 months after quitting (well 9 months tomorrow) it’s definitely worth it. It seems going sober had changed the tinsy wincy things. Like my mood when I wake up, my organisation skills, good feelings towards myself. All these little things have snowballed into big changes.

So if you’re struggling or curious I’d definitely stick with it and give it a try. I definitely look back and thing how far in 9 short months I’ve come. What’s the worst that could happen?



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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

19 thoughts on “Day 242 – 5am wake ups

  1. This makes so much sense and you should be so proud. It’s no wonder people argue and feel crap when their body is constantly trying to get rid of toxins-that’s hard work isn’t it!! Well done you x

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  2. Mornings are simply the best! I used to just “get by” every morning, still managing to get all done needed. I now fully value waking up feeling refreshed and making my morning a positive staple of my day. I love your flowers! You’re an inspiration for sure!!

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  3. I am so happy for you.
    It is hard at the start to imagine how much fuller a sober life is. I was so worried I would be dull and boring.
    Instead, you are participating in your life.
    This is a gift. This is enlightenment. Don’t underestimate it!


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  4. yes, everything is better without alcohol! I am envious though that you have such a wonderful support system at home. It makes things so much nicer! I had my roommate but no partner. So i would treat myself when i hit milestones- flowers or some type of gift to myself..Keep going, and great job!!

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      1. lol..i hear ya on that..i am 90% alone..being a night shift private duty nurse…i care for a 7 yr old who is autistic & sleeps all night..when he wakes he still cannot talk interactions with others are short & brief ( as in giving and getting report)..i have long stopped wearing make up, using any perfume and even brushing my hair ( just wash & go)

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